My Two Cents

I have just one thing to say, and I’ll briefly expand my thoughts. Good pitching is beating good hitting in the ALDS, and facing CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte has exploited a weakness from some of the Twins hitters this season.

Joe Mauer

.272/.342/.369 vs. LHP

.365/.442/.536 vs. RHP

Jim Thome

.241/.298/.471 vs. LHP

.302/.455/.698 vs. RHP

Jason Kubel

.226/.313/.346 vs. LHP

.260/.328/.464 vs. RHP

J.J. Hardy

.210/.291/.324 vs. LHP

.294/.333/.426 vs. RHP

Just by facing a lefthanded pitcher, 4 spots in the lineup become league-average (Thome, though his high SLG against LHP is the primary factor) or worse (the other three) hitters. That is a huge culprit on why the Twins have scored only 4 runs this series. Against Phil Hughes on Saturday in Yankee Stadium, I’m willing to bet that the Twins will push across more runs. Whether or not they win will be a function of the pitching and defense as well, but I’m sure we’ll see an improvement in the hitting element shortly.


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