Don’t Be So Sure!

It seemed so clear. Why bother? It was going to be ugly to watch, so we all might as well just wait until the next chance came from around the corner.

Sounds a lot like the Twins offseason, doesn’t it?

Well, I’m actually talking about the Seattle Seahawks 41-36 victory over the New Orleans Saints from Saturday. The Saints came into the game as double-digit favorites, in large part from the Seahawks below-.500 record, and yet they walked away with the loss. Some analysts were quick to state that the Saints lost the game more than the Seahawks won it, but there’s no doubt that Seattle played the better game.

With a little help from some humorous beer commercials, Herm Edwards immortalized the phrase, “You play to win the game.” Well, like the cliche, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch,” we can say the same about the Twins. Sure, they’ve done little this offseason and I’ve even said that the Twins may be best served to tread water for the 2011 season, but the offseason hasn’t even ended. For all we know, the Twins may pull something out of a hat, or injuries may strike the Detroit Tigers and/or the Chicago White Sox.

It may look bleak, but the same was true for the Seattle Seahawks. They face another challenge in going to Chicago to play the Bears, but that may just be the equivalent of the Twins’ annual first round exit in the playoffs. It could also be a repeat of their game against the Saints.

I admit that it’s maddening how little has happened so far this offseason for the Twins, but hey, let the game(s) be played before we crown a winner.


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