The Making of…

Off The Mark was created in October 2009 by Blaine, MN native Andrew Bryz-Gornia. While he was growing up, Andrew always wanted to become either a sports broadcaster or beat writer for the Minnesota Twins. However, he quickly figured out that he was not willing to work towards a communication major in college, so he decided to create his own blog instead. After all, money was not an issue, he just wanted to write about his favorite professional sports team. During the developmental stages, OTM was originally going to mimic Twins bloggers Nick Nelson and Parker Hageman by providing analysis and commentary about the Twins. However, Andrew learned that he would need to add something else that would allow him to stand out from other Minnesota Twins blogs.

His first idea was to follow in the footsteps of Batgirl, a popular Twins blogger from 2004-2007. But, Andrew realized that he did not possess the “more sass” that Batgirl proudly advertised, so he turned towards modeling the other facet of OTM after Sports on a Stick, a satirical sports news website. Hell, they did post an article of his in February 2009, so he knew that had at least a shred of talent.

Although the emphasis will be on the Minnesota Twins, this blog will also talk about other MLB teams and even will occasionally touch on some other non-baseball topics. Andrew’s final product from blending analysis, commentary, and satire of the Minnesota Twins and other miscellaneous topics is what you see in front of you once you return to the main page, known in Twins Territory as Off The Mark.

The blog’s name pays homage to Target Field, which will be the new home for the Minnesota Twins starting in 2010. It also plays with the meaning that something is wrong, as quite a few posts at this blog will blatantly show. The current picture behind the OTM name is above center field at Target Field.


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