If you were linked from a post to this page with a link titled Disclaimer, this link mainly refers to the point below:

This post is satirical. Do not take this post seriously. Some or all of this post is untrue.

In addition, this will be an important warning as well. I will not explicitly state this in a post, but it nevertheless still holds true:

– This blog can contain content that may be borrowed or similar to content from another website or blog. I will always cite the source before posting this type of content, but again, better safe than sorry. If it is not an original idea and I am aware that I did not create the content on my own, I will rightfully give credit to the deserving party. If there is an issue, please notify me so I can correct my mistakes.

This should do it. This page may be changed at any time if I feel that it is necessary. If there are any further issues, please directly contact me through email. Now go find a post and enjoy!

– Andrew Bryz-Gornia


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