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Delmon Young Day

May 12, 2010

I’ve been wrong with my opinions several times this year. I was unhappy that Brian Duensing had been used in critical situations this year, and he’s promptly responded with a 1.38 ERA, 2.93 FIP, and a .197 opponents batting average. I didn’t like the Twins re-signing Ron Mahay early this season, and he’s been even better than Duensing: 0.00 ERA, 1.26 FIP, .160 opponents batting average, and a 9.6 K/9 rate. I thought that the Twins would be just fine with Drew Butera as the backup catcher, even with his hitting woes, but he exceeded (in the wrong direction) my low expectations by starting the season with a .118/.118/.118 hitting line.



Another Perspective of Opening Day

April 15, 2010

Hey there, everyone. I’m sure you’ve read quite a few impressions of Target Field and Opening Day, and I’ve found another one for you to enjoy. This comes from my friend Laura, someone I’ve known since high school and now works with me at Target Field as a first-year usher. Not only is the following text for Off The Mark, but it was also one of her school assignments. Plus, I want to fulfill the “we are” part of this blog’s URL, so the occasional guest post is certainly welcome.


2010 Twins Predictions

April 2, 2010

Now it appears that Twins Blogitory is engaging in a slew of predictions, thanks to Josh Johnson from Josh’s Thoughts. I know he gave us a template as examples (best pitcher, hitter, etc.), but I’m just going to wing it this year. In other words, I’ll make up whatever predictions I can think of, even if they may be a tad ridiculous. Don’t worry, when I say ridiculous, I mean funny, not “Joe Mauer will hit .500 this year.” As I did for Nick Punto Day, I’ll also include some of my buddies’ predictions from the Facebook group “1,000,000 MINNESOTA TWINS FANS!!!”


Nick Punto Day, Pt. 1

February 11, 2010

Courtesy of Andrew Kneeland from Twins Target, February 12th is officially Nick Punto Day. You probably will see very similar posts among my peers in Twins Blogitory, but I decided to put a little spin on my post. You see, I figured it wouldn’t be very hard to write about my opinion of Punto, so I felt like giving a little extra to you, just like Punto always gives a little extra on the field. Therefore, I went to my buddies in the Facebook group “1,000,000 MINNESOTA TWINS FANS!!!” and some other people I know to give me their opinions on Punto as well. As a result, this is what you will read here, the posts sent to me from people around the state of Minnesota that don’t always get their opinions heard. Each post will be proceeded by the author’s name and my connection to them.