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Andrew Bryz-Gornia

Off The Mark was created by Andrew, sometimes known by his quasi-nickname Bryz (rhymes with “is”) in October 2009. He is currently 21 years old and resides in Blaine, MN. However, he is more commonly found at his college of Gustavus Adolphus in St. Peter, MN, where he is a senior pursuing a double major of mathematics and secondary education. When he is not cheering for, reading about, or blogging on the Twins, Andrew enjoys playing video games from the Guitar Hero and MLB: The Show franchises and listening to the musical bands Thrice, Rise Against, Shinedown, Muse, and Dream Theater.

Andrew’s love of the Twins started when he was in elementary school, and his parents (as all good Minnesotan parents should) took him to a Minnesota Twins game here and there over the years. Although he couldn’t name every Twin that he saw in the Metrodome, he was always inspired by the man that always received the loudest cheers and was announced as “KIRBEEEEEEEEE PUCKETT!” Like most children, he dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player, which eventually evolved into becoming either a sportswriter or a broadcaster. In middle school, Andrew’s love and knowledge of baseball began to grow. Very soon, he was amazing his parents and friends with obscure rules from the official MLB rulebook and reciting Jacque Jones’ AVG/HR/RBI line from the 2002 season* which earned him the nickname “Mr. Miscellaneous.”

* Funny thing is that they never knew he was usually wrong with Jones’ average. Neither did he.

Once he hit high school, Andrew’s love of the game still hadn’t reached its peak. Suddenly frequent visits to www.mlb.com were occurring so he could update the rosters in his latest game from the MLB: The Show franchise. His visits to Barnes & Noble would always lead to him searching for a new Rotisserie League baseball book, not because he competed in these leagues, but because they were the only books that told him what pitch types each pitcher threw.** He also decided to umpire for a Blaine middle school park and rec. league, which he did for two summers and would continue to do if the league’s schedule didn’t conflict with Twins games. As he moved into college, Andrew started to read baseball blogs and commenting on the Facebook group “1,000,000 MINNESOTA TWINS FANS!!!” to gain more information, as the Star Tribune and official Minnesota Twins website didn’t provide enough to satisfy his wants and needs. After scouring for a few months, he finally decided that he wanted to create his own blog. It took about a year of debating and several months of actual thoughts about how to make a finished product, but Andrew finally had achieved his childhood dream, albeit in a less glorious fashion.

** He figured out quite fast that MLB The Show was often inaccurate in assigning pitch types to pitchers. Too bad he didn’t discover FanGraphs’ Pitch Types until 2009, and Texas Leaguers’ Pitch F/X in 2010.

Today, Andrew is an administrator for “1,000,000 MINNESOTA TWINS FANS!!!” and can often be seen taking part in leaving comments throughout the group. He regularly checks each link in his blogroll whenever possible, and still feels that he has not reached his peak of baseball fascination.

On Jan. 27th, 2010, Andrew was hired by the Minnesota Twins to be an usher for the 2010 season at Target Field.

If you wish to contact Andrew to ask about advertising on Off The Mark, please note the following.

1. Andrew is not accepting offers for ads.

2. The Terms of Service for WordPress.com blogs prohibits these blogs from posting ads.


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