Getting What You Deserve

I have an opinion that may be unpopular with some of you.

Well, the easy bet is that some of you won’t like finding out that this is another basketball post. But another group of you may not like to hear that I feel that Kevin Love completely deserved his two game suspension.

If you’ve been watching all or most of the Timberwolves games this year, it’s been clear that Love has been frustrated nearly every night. As of right now, he has the most made free throws in the NBA, and third-most attempts, so obviously he’s being fouled quite a bit. Throw on top of that the numerous hacks that aren’t called in games, and we can see why Love spends much of his time chattering at officials. It’s unfortunate, though, that he chose to take out his anger on an opposing player, and also that this is not the first time this has happened.

Just a week ago, Kevin Love’s frustration levels were up against the Indiana Pacers, a team he has openly admitted he doesn’t enjoy playing. After a no-call that didn’t go in his favor, Love deliberately fouled Pacers star Danny Granger, which almost started an on-court fight between the two players.

For a team that just got back to .500, this is one of the worst things that could happen right now. The Northwest Division is shaping up to be the AL East of the NBA and the Timberwolves are the Toronto Blue Jays*, as the 12-12 Wolves are in last place of this division.** Losing Love for just two games could be very critical, especially in this shortened season.

* In years past I may have compared the Wolves and Orioles together, but since the Wolves are actually good this year, I chose the Blue Jays instead. The Jays finished over .500 the past two seasons and were “rewarded” with a 4th place finish in the AL East both years.

** Interesting note. The Wolves are at .500, yet are 10th best in the Western Conference. The 8th best team in the Eastern Conference is the Milwaukee Bucks, and their record is 10-13.

I do admit that I feel that two games is excessive (I was expecting only a one game suspension for Love), but if we look at Love’s actions as a whole this season, then I think it is justified. He’s suddenly become a complainer for practically every no-call from the referees, and this often comes at the expense of failing to play defense on the other end of the court. He gets hacked, refs don’t call a foul, and Love argues with the ref while the Wolves are now stuck playing 4-on-5.

Hopefully this suspension will get through to Love that he needs to stop chirping at the referees. I do understand that he’s getting fouled at times and the refs are turning a blind eye to it, but it’s also important for Love to quickly move on and realize that the game is still being played without him. Otherwise, we may find out that the incidents with Danny Granger and Luis Scola are not isolated.


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