I Have An Announcement To Make

I didn’t mention this to many, so I won’t leave out any details. The MLB Network is planning on having a trivia game show (at least from what has been described to me) involving members of all 30 MLB teams. By “members” I mean staff, and not just those that are in the front office. I mean every single person that is employed by these teams are eligible to compete in this game show.

Maybe I should be more specific. Each team gets a single representative that is sent to the MLB Network studios to compete in this show. Being a Twins usher, yes, I was given a chance. There was a trivia test held over this past week, and I was one of the people in attendance. I didn’t think I had a serious chance of winning, but I don’t typically say no to a “What the hell, what’s the worst that could happen?” moment. Besides, it gave me another chance to hang out at Target Field, and now I can say that I’ve been in the press conference room.

No, I was not the victor. I was humbled by questions such as “Who scored the winning run when Mookie Wilson’s grounder went through Bill Buckner’s legs in the World Series?” and “Who was the only person to ever get three hits in an inning?” However, the winner was just announced, and I’m pleased to wish my best to a good friend of mine, a fellow Gustavus alum and the guy that helped me get this job in the first place. One of the few that was crazy enough to actually study for a test like this (Studying with Sporcle baseball quizzes was a genius idea). A former intern at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Congratulations, Craig Nordquist!

I have only one piece of advice for you. Just don’t forget that Brady Anderson hit 50 homers in a season again.


4 Responses to “I Have An Announcement To Make”

  1. Doofus Says:

    who had 3 hits in an inning?

    • Bryz Says:

      Johnny Damon in 2003. He’s technically the 2nd player to do it, but I believe the question was asking for the player that did it in the modern era.

  2. Matt Says:

    Was Ray Knight the guy who scored? I thought that was one of the few I got right…

    • Bryz Says:

      Yep. I didn’t know him though. As soon as I saw that question (and the 3 hits in an inning one), I just thought, “Well, might as well just cross these off because there’s no way I’ll get them.” Amazingly, I almost did guess Damon though, but I never wrote his name down for some reason.

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