Twins Trade Kevin Slowey to Colorado

Looks like the Twins finally got their wish in exiling Kevin Slowey for good.

After the whole debacle with Slowey over this past season, it seems rather certain that he would be non-tendered or traded this offseason. The fact that he was “banished” to Colorado doesn’t bode well for Slowey, though. As an extreme flyball pitcher, Coors Field has got to be the last place he should call home. But hey, the Rockies wanted him, and maybe they’ve got some plans for him.

The Twins receive a player-to-be-named-later, and I’ve seen rumors that it is corner outfielder Seth Smith. If it is Smith, the Twins would be receiving a player that I called “Jason Kubel Version 2.cheaper” on Facebook. He is a lefthanded batter that definitely has some power, but is a poor hitter against lefthanded pitchers, as he’s hit .290.364/.518 against RHP in his career, versus .202/.269/.319 against LHP. Sounds exactly like Kubel, no? It does look like he’s arbitration-eligible starting this season, but he would still be cheaper than Kubel.

However, a PTBNL is typically someone that is not on a team’s 40-man roster. With the upcoming Rule 5 draft, the Twins and Rockies may have decided on a PTBNL because otherwise, the Twins would be forced to add the new player to their 40-man roster immediately or risk losing him in the Rule 5 draft to another team. By waiting until after the Rule 5 draft, the Twins do run the risk of losing this player in the Rule 5 draft before he even becomes a Twin, but they also wouldn’t be forced to add him to their own 40-man roster if they didn’t want to in the first place. Confused? I still am a bit myself, but I think this is an understandable and overall wise move.

I just hope that the Twins don’t find another mediocre reliever in return for Slowey, a la Jim Hoey and Lester Oliveros. I’m sick of those low upside pitchers.


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