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The Price of a Baseball

July 12, 2011

How much is a baseball worth to you?

As a kid, I would always bring my baseball glove to games, in the hopes of snagging a foul ball. My family rarely sat in the outfield, so home runs weren’t usually an option for me, but we’d always try to sit either behind home plate in the upper deck, or by 1st/3rd base in the lower level of the Metrodome.

I did come close two times, prior to working with the Twins. The first time, I was about 12-ish when we were near the right field corner where the giant Kemp’s Land o’ Lakes’ milk jug would stand in later years, and we were watching the away team’s batting practice (can’t remember which team it was). One of their coaches was down the right field line, hitting fly balls to the outfielders. Well, one poor hit with his fungo bat sent a wayward baseball up to where myself and two of my siblings were standing. Unfortunately for my brother and I (the ones that played softball at the time), our sister was in between where the ball would land and where we stood. Instead of moving out of the way for one of us, she attempted the awkward keep-her-body-as-far-away-as-possible-while-still-trying-to-reach-the-ball-with-her-glove shuffle. The ball ended up bouncing two seats away from her and went back onto the field.