Don’t Blink

It should be obvious that I’m a fan of sabermetrics, but I love the traditional statistics as well. I especially love when I think I’m paying attention to the team, and yet sometimes I look at a player’s stats and think, “How did that happen???” So don’t blink, or you might miss the following.

– Alexi Casilla has drawn the ire of many Twins fans this season, but he’s now batting .262 after heating up in May and continuing his success through the first few days of June. But is that going to be enough for everyone, since many people were unsatisfied with J.J. Hardy’s .268 last season?

– Ben Revere was batting .167 after May 17th (10 games). Nine games later, he’s now batting .280.

– After being “freed” from Triple-A Rochester, Chuck James has pitched only twice in 8 games, so take note whenever he makes an appearance. You may not see him again for another 4 days.

– Brian Dinkelman’s first career plate appearance ended after 1 pitch, as he was hit in the foot by a breaking ball.

– Prior to Sunday’s game, Delmon Young was hitting .221/.255/.264 with only 4 extra base hits. His .519 OPS is 6th worst in the major leagues for players with at least 140 plate appearances.

– Sticking with Demolition Delmon, he somehow has a positive UZR in left field this season.

– Trevor Plouffe only trails Jim Thome in ISO and walk percentage so far this season, and yet is back in Triple-A. Shows you what happens when you have a few defensive miscues and the guy replacing you (Casilla) is on fire.

– Finally, the Twins just swept the Kansas City Royals in a 4 game set despite missing Jim Thome and Jason Kubel, and averaged 6.5 runs per game in the series. Prior to the Royals series, the Twins were averaging 3.5 runs per game.


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