Thome’s At-Bat Music

I know I mentioned this in my Notepad Scribbles earlier, but I’ve been working on getting Jim Thome’s 2011 AB music to be the intro to Carl Orff’s “O Fortuna.”

During the afternoon on Friday, the Minnesota Twins Twitter account had the new Twins music director Dan Edwards answering questions and comments. It turns out that Edwards also has a Twitter account, so after posting the same message twice on Friday, I sent one directly to Edwards.

@RealDanEdwards Since he doesn’t mind what it is, do you think “O Fortuna” for Jim Thome’s AB music can be a possibility?

This was his response:

@Bryz_OffTheMark I’ll talk to him when the team gets to town!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are one step closer to hearing “O Fortuna” at Target Field.


3 Responses to “Thome’s At-Bat Music”

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