No Concern Over Morneau Missing First 2 Weeks Of Season

Earlier Monday, it was announced that Justin Morneau may not be ready to play by Opening Day for the Twins. Judging by the reactions I saw on Twitter, it was clear that many people were disappointed and worried that he wouldn’t be ready to play in Toronto.

As for myself, I thought, “So what?” Morneau has had very little baseball activity since his injury, while other players have been playing through the winter. It should be obvious right now that Morneau would be behind everyone else.

“But that’s what spring training is for, isn’t it?” Well, yeah. You also should remember that Opening Day is still over a month away. Things could change a lot by then. Even if he misses the first 2 weeks or so, the Twins will just shift Michael Cuddyer to first and start the season with Ben Revere as a 5th outfielder and Jim Thome’s personal pinch runner.

Finally, for all of you that feel that Morneau should just man up like a football player… remember that the NFL has come under fire for ignoring concussions. Oh, and ask this guy why he didn’t just man up himself.


One Response to “No Concern Over Morneau Missing First 2 Weeks Of Season”

  1. jbiowa Says:

    The concern, as it has been for a number of months, is how long will it be? If you could tell me for sure that Morneau would be back to “full form” by the 1st of July, I’d be thrilled. A rested, healthy Morneau for the 2nd half of the season would be a real boon.

    But there are no guarantees and the uncertainty is a bit more difficult to handle — and I am sure that it is more so for Morneau and the front office.

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