Predicting The Bullpen: Results

Back on Monday, I asked all of you to submit your thoughts on who would join Matt Capps and Jose Mijares in the bullpen for 2011. We had 47 people vote (including myself) and a total of 238 votes (apparently one person chose to pick only 3 pitchers). To be honest, I don’t even remember the five I chose.  Here are the guys that you picked for the bullpen.

Note: The poll calculated percentages as part of the total vote, so I multiplied the percentages by 5 to reflect the percentage of people that believe that particular pitcher will be in the bullpen instead.

Joe Nathan: 97%

Pat Neshek: 78%

Scott Diamond: 59%

Jim Hoey: 55%

Dusty Hughes: 34%

Glen Perkins, Kevin Slowey: 29%

Jeff Manship, Anthony Slama: 27%

Alex Burnett: 21%

Brian Duensing: 15%

Kyle Waldrop: 13%

Nick Blackburn: 11%

Eric Hacker: 4%

Carlos Gutierrez: 2%

From the votes, it appears that we believe our five pitchers to be Nathan, Neshek, Diamond, Hoey, and Hughes. I find this interesting for two reasons.

1. I would think that either Diamond or Hughes would make the bullpen, not both.

2. Slowey, Duensing, or Blackburn are not among these 5 (though Slowey finished tied for 6th).

Now, it will be interesting to see who actually does end up in the bullpen on Opening Day. My guess (that probably doesn’t fully match up with my actual votes on Monday): Nathan, Neshek, Diamond, Hoey, Slowey.


2 Responses to “Predicting The Bullpen: Results”

  1. Dan Says:

    Hoey and Slowey. I like it.
    Sheky, Shaggy, Hoey and Slowey. Oh, and Diamond.

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