TwinsFest, The Final Day

Don’t doubt my baseball knowledge of major league service time, especially if 0.000 is the amount of service time for a particular player.

While waiting in the minor league autograph line for Kyle Gibson, Alex Wimmers, Joe Benson, and Kyle Waldrop, I overheard a fellow fan behind me state that Waldrop had pitched in a few major league games in 2010. I turned around and corrected him, saying that Waldrop had never pitched in the majors, and then this fan argued back that not only had Waldrop been a September call-up, but he had also started a few games for the Twins.

Umm…. what?

Again, I disagreed, and the guy proceeded to say that he would pull up Waldrop’s stats to show me that he was right. It was probably a good thing I turned away when I muttered, “Well, I could pull them up and show you that I am right.” Funny thing is that Bill Smith was nearby and this other guy asked Smith if Waldrop had played for the Twins last year, and Smith settled our disagreement by stating (as I knew) that Waldrop had never pitched in the majors.

Oddly enough, I actually talked less to Twins players and coaches today compared to the first two days. I’m sure it had to do with the fact that a large portion of my time was spent either in lines or talking to fellow Twins employees (my girlfriend can frustratingly attest to the latter). Regardless, I had plenty of fun, especially since I finally got to be on the fan side of TwinsFest.

I started my day by unnecessarily jetting over to the photo booth to get a picture with Aaron Hicks. I’d post my picture (and all subsequent ones from the day), except my camera has been taking a highly undeserved nap for the past 6 months, and therefore my girlfriend has all photos.

After we got a picture with Hicks, we then bolted over to the Schwan Center to get autographs from Delmon Young and Danny Valencia. Although we had to wait outside the building for about 20 minutes and were told about 4 times that we had a “nearly 0% chance of getting autographs,” we were able to get in and out in with about 15 minutes to spare.

During the day, I also got a picture with Joe Benson, and I put Seth Stoh’s 2010 Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook to good use in the minor league lines. Too bad he didn’t have his 2011 book finished yet, because I had to have Alex Wimmers sign on the cover due to the lack of his profile in the ’10 book.

Speaking of the cover, at first, I was only able to identify 5 of the 6 photos on the front.

From upper left clockwise, it’s Danny Valencia, Aaron Hicks, Angel Morales, Joe Benson, Rene Tosoni, and Ben Revere. However, I couldn’t recognize Tosoni and never took the time to check the inside of the book (these same pictures are on the inside with the respective players’ profiles), so I only had Tosoni sign his profile on the inside. When I gave the book to Hicks, I asked him to sign the cover. When he finished, he showed the book to Tosoni, pointed at his picture, and said, “Hey, it’s you.” Almost instantly I said, “Oh wow, I couldn’t figure out who that was! Rene, could you sign that picture for me?” When he finished, I couldn’t stop thanking Tosoni for being understanding, and Hicks for pointing out the picture, though I’m pretty sure Hicks tried to charge me $10 for his help as I walked away…

I learned from my friends Liz and Megan that the Minnesota Twins Twitter account would be tweeting a message that would reveal a time and place to meet Denard Span and Michael Cuddyer. I didn’t really pay much attention to it, but as I went to the ATM in the Schwan Center to get money for the Jason Kubel/Jason Repko/Nick Blackburn/Jim Hoey* line, I saw a huge line going up the stairs. I knew this was really out of the ordinary because these were the same stairs that were off-limits to all fans. Turns out that was the meeting place for Span and Cuddyer, so I quickly pulled up the tweet on my phone and gave it to my girlfriend so she could meet the two of them. I think I deserve a free dinner after making that sacrifice…

* For some reason, I keep seeing “James Hoey” pop up every now and then, even though I had only heard of him as “Jim Hoey” prior to the Twins acquiring him in the Hardy trade.

While going through the memorabilia tables, I found some nice pictures of Francisco Liriano and Jim Thome, and some baseball cards of Miguel Sano. Since I had a mission of collecting some things for my grandpa (currently in the hospital recovering from shoulder surgery) and a younger cousin (rarely sees the Twins but is still a big fan), I decided that my grandpa would get the Thome picture (taken right after contact on the swing that was his walk-off homer against the White Sox) and the Gardenhire/Steinbach schedule from the previous day, while my cousin would get a Sano card and an official Target Field batting practice ball signed by Blackburn, Hoey, Gibson, Wimmers, Benson, and Waldrop.

Somehow, I feel like I managed to do a lot and very little today. Still, I was able to do everything I wanted except talk with Jeff Manship, and for some of you readers, you should have a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do. Let’s just say that it relates to the next paragraph, and my girlfriend and I wanted to pitch an idea for The Manship to The Manship.

Finally, I overheard Parker Hageman was considering a table at TwinsFest for his DiamondCentric shirts and sweatshirts. Parker, if you manage to get a table for 2012, this is my official request to volunteer at your table. At the very least, I’ll get to create and complete the TwinsFest hat trick: Assume the roles as fan, Twins volunteer employee, and salesman on at least one of all three days.


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One Response to “TwinsFest, The Final Day”

  1. JimCrikket Says:

    Great stuff, Andrew, I enjoyed reading each of your reports. One of these years, I’ll have to make the trip up to the Cities for Twinsfest again. It’s just tough to get motivated to drive 4+ hours NORTH in January. Just seems wrong, somehow.

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