Reviewing My 2010 Predictions

Well, soon I’ll get to reviewing the predictions. First, my friend (and fellow Twins usher) Craig found me this link, and the first two paragraphs sounded very familiar. If you don’t mind, I’m going to go back to my post about the Twins Holiday Party

Finally, at the end of the presentation, Gardy was given three gifts to help him with the upcoming season.

– The books Survival Japanese and Instant Japanese

– A set of CDs on learning Japanese

Looks like Survival Japanese is getting some use!

Way back on April 2nd, I got a bunch of friends to join me in making some predictions about the Twins in 2010. I won’t review theirs, but I will take a look at what I predicted.

1. The following players will make their major league debuts this year: Drew Butera, Anthony Slama, Rob Delaney, Alex Burnett, Luke Hughes, Danny Valencia, Trevor Plouffe.

Damn, I’m good! All of these players made their debuts this season, even if it was just barely (Delaney had 1 inning pitched and Hughes received only 7 at-bats). The only guys I missed were Wilson Ramos and Ben Revere.

2. Joe Mauer will hit around .340 this year.

I almost got this one, as Mauer hit .327 on the year. If he had a little better start to the season, then I would have been right.

3. Justin Morneau will lead the Twins in HR. Jason Kubel will lead the team in RBI.

Morneau was certainly on track  to lead the team in both categories prior to his concussion. Instead, the winners here were Jim Thome (25 HR) and Delmon Young (112 RBI).

4. Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau will have a confrontation in the clubhouse about both missing significant time the previous year due to injury. They will attempt to punch each other, but both will miss and will hit Nick Punto instead.

Can you tell that this was, by no means, a serious prediction?

5. Francisco Liriano will be good this year (about a 3.75-4.25 ERA with almost 9 K/9 IP) but won’t be dominant like some people are predicting. In other words, he will not win the Cy Young this year.

3.62 ERA, 9.43 K/9, no real consideration for Cy Young, and many people claimed that he lost his composure when he needed it most, despite besting Carl Pavano in many pitching categories. I finally have one completely right.

6. No one will hit the Target Center with a home run this year.

I thought this was a realistic prediction until I discovered that the Target Center is roughly 1000+ feet away. So I was right with this, but in hindsight, it was a stupid prediction.

7. The concrete overhang in right field will come into play about 8 times.

I don’t know if there’s any way to show that this did happen, but it sure seemed like it with Magglio Ordonez during Denard Span’s 3 triple game.

8. Dustin Pedroia will be the first player to get a hit at Target Field. ESPN will rejoice.

Actually, it was Marco Scutaro, but Pedroia did follow with the first double in Target Field history.

9. A Twin will not be the first player to hit a home run at Target Field.

Not quite, it was Jason Kubel.

10. The closer by committee will only last until the middle of May, when someone will become the primary closer. The closer will be any one of Jon Rauch, Matt Guerrier, or Pat Neshek.

I was partially correct here, as Rauch was the full-time closer until the Twins acquired Matt Capps from Washington.

11. During every rain delay at Target Field, if I am working that day, I will be asked by at least one person when the game will resume. I will not know the answer.

Well, I did get a few of these at the Yankees rain out, but we didn’t receive as much rain as I first anticipated.

12. When it rains, I will overhear at least 3 comments in the ballpark about how there should have been a retractable roof.

I think the cold weather contributed to this more often than the rain.

13. The Twins will have a league average number of rainouts this year (about 6).

Not even close.

14. Joe Mauer will be the first to strike a pine tree in center field with a home run ball.

Well if I counted preseason, then I would be correct. However, it was someone else, like Jim Thome or maybe Rick Ankiel.

15. In terms of ERA, the starting rotation from best to worst will be: Baker, Liriano, Blackburn, Slowey, Pavano.

Liriano (3.62), Pavano (3.75), Slowey (4.45), Baker (4.49), Blackburn (5.42)

16. Joe Mauer will not crack 25 HR this year, Justin Morneau won’t hit more than 35, and Jim Thome won’t crack 20.

Mauer only hit 9 HR, Morneau could have had 30+ if he had stayed healthy, and Thome finished with 25. Well, I got 1 out of 3.

17. The players that will hit more than 20 HR are: Mauer, Morneau, Kubel, and Cuddyer.

Apparently I thought Mauer would hit between 20 and 25. Instead, the 20+ HR club featured Thome, Kubel, and Young.

18. Delmon Young will be a big disappointment again. Jim Thome will take over DH with Kubel shifting to LF sometime in June.

Well… Delmon led the team in RBI, but Thome did take over at DH with Kubel moving to RF after Morneau got hurt.

19. Alexi Casilla will either be traded or designated for assignment this year.

Instead, Casilla is going to get a serious chance at being the starting 2B or SS in 2011.

20. The Twins will win the AL Central, but will not make it past the 1st round once again.


To recap, it appears as though I had about 2-4 correct, a bunch partially correct, and then a few that were completely wrong. Next April, I’ll have another one of these lists put together, and I hope that I can get a few more right next time.


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