Conspiracy Theorists Believe Metrodome Collapse Was No Accident


Early Sunday morning, the roof of the Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN collapsed under 15 inches of snow. Because of the collapse, the Minnesota Vikings had their game against the New York Giants that was originally rescheduled for Monday night to be moved to Ford Field in Detroit, MI. Despite the move, some people don’t believe the snowfall was entirely to blame.

On Yahoo! message boards, a person that goes by the alias “Bronxboi2” has been leaving this comment:

Does anyone even realize that the Vikings did this deliberately? Don’t even try to tell me that this was an accident. There’s COLOR video from INSIDE the stadium! Who does that?

Listen, watch the video here.

At 20 seconds, we see the lights are on inside the stadium. Why? Because the Vikings wanted to show off how the roof collapsed!

At 22 seconds, we see a part of the roof collapsing, directly in the MIDDLE of the shot, and the camera is ZOOMED IN! The only way they could have included that shot is if they KNEW the collapse was going to happen!

At 26 seconds, the roof tears. This was clearly included just for dramatic effect.

At 30 seconds, we see another part of the roof tear. Once again, it’s right in the middle of the shot, just like at 22 seconds. Like I said before, the Vikings KNEW this would happen!!!

Finally, at 37 seconds we see more snow fall onto the field.

This is a case of a (expletive) team being scared of another team as great as the Giants, so they wanted to destroy their own (expletive) stadium in the hopes of avoiding this game, and the storm was just the perfect excuse! Too bad for them the game just got rescheduled in an even (expletive) town such as Detroit!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL SUCKERS!

Several people responded to Bronxboi2 in complete agreement with his points. Some people started linking to pictures of the Dome’s roof, arguing that the amount of snow on the roof didn’t match up with reports of it being 17 inches deep.

Vikings interim head coach Leslie Frazier, Vikings players, and a spokesperson for the team all declined comment.


15 Responses to “Conspiracy Theorists Believe Metrodome Collapse Was No Accident”

  1. haasertime Says:

    Unfortunately there are real people who really believe that it was an inside job. Although Nick Coleman is, for practical purposes, as fictional and absurd as BronxBoi.

  2. John Jacobs Says:

    This is completely an inside job. What better way for the the owner to plead to his city to back matching public funds for a new stadium. Now the Viking fans will have to sit at home and watch their team play a home game away from Minnesota and get a taste of what it will be like when they move to LA if they don’t agree on a new stadium.

  3. marz21 Says:

    Here’s what i posted on FB..

    And, the conspiracy theorist in me thinks that the officials in charge of the municipally owned Metrodome LET THIS HAPPEN… Why else would the cameras be on at 5am filming the collapse AND why would they wait until 11am to air that footage? Answer: TO GAIN SYMPATHIZERS and SUPPORTERS for the new stadium the team has been trying to hold the public hostage for…

    I love your Zeal, bronxboi, but the Giants didn’t make the playoffs last year, so i doubt that the officals let it happen because of the Vikes “being scared of another team as great as the Giants, so they wanted to destroy their own (expletive) stadium in the hopes of avoiding this game..”

    Go root for the Jets with that garbage talk… we don’t like that in blue

  4. The Geezer Says:

    I am sure Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura will get right on this. The dome collapse was AN INSIDE JOB!!!!!!

  5. Andrew Says:

    Either you people are serious, or we’ve got trolls trolling trolls here.

  6. andy Says:

    you guys understand that the dome has deflated 6 other times. They put cameras with wide angle lenses there because they figured that the dome would collapse due to the heavy snow blizzard that cause I-94 to close. I can’t believe people would believe in a theory so insanely put together.

  7. Andrew Says:

    In relation to my post:

  8. VikingsFan Says:

    Are you kidding me guys? They destroyed there stadium on purpose? why on earth would you think that they would cause multi million dollars of damage to there already old stadium.

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