Notepad Scribbles, 10/4/10

It seems almost like forever, but the season has finally come to a close. The Twins certainly stumbled over the past two weeks, but having two days off will allow everyone to rest and hopefully everyone will be at (or near) full strength against the Yankees.

No Morneau Until 2011

Honestly, I’m not too surprised about this. A return with a clutch hit or three would have been ripe for a Disney storybook ending and a movie deal, but it really wasn’t feasible for someone that’s been out for 3 months to suddenly be thrust into game action, even if it was only as a pinch-hitter. It’s disappointing to see Justin shut down again after it appeared he had finally conquered his concussion symptoms, but it’s likely for the best. Now I can stop worrying about pitchers deliberately throwing near his head in case he’s a little jumpy about getting hit in the melon again.

The AL Cy Young, and what exactly are “pressure starts”?

It’s been tough to avoid the back-and-forth argument between those that want Felix Hernandez and those that want C.C. Sabathia to win the AL Cy Young. Hernandez has a leg up on what seems like every pitching stat over Sabathia, except for his poor 13-12 record. I don’t exactly understand how the lack of wins outweigh just about everything else to support Hernandez’s case, but it has. I don’t 100% support Hernandez, and I’ve tried to keep my mouth shut as much as possible about this (like Bing commercials, it’s an information overload), but there are some things I finally want to bring up:

1. As I already said, I don’t see how wins can overrule every other pitching stat when making a Cy Young case.

2. For those that support Sabathia, stop twisting the run support argument (Hernandez’s record is because of Seattle’s poor offense, whereas Sabathia’s is due to the Yankees great offense) by questioning why A.J. Burnett’s record is also poor. Here’s some hints:

a. Sabathia and Burnett did not receive equal run support.

b. Burnett’s ERA is over 2 runs higher than Sabathia’s.

Gee, no wonder why Sabathia was 21-7 and Burnett was 10-15.

3. I understand that Sabathia had to face the Red Sox, Rays, and Blue Jays many more times this year than Hernandez, but nearly every one of his starts came against a team with a worse record than the Yankees. Hernandez’s starts were almost all against teams with better records than the Mariners. I’m not saying this levels out the strength of opponent argument, but it certainly evens it out a little.

4. On a related note to #3, what are pressure starts and why does Sabathia and David Price have more of them? Because they were “fighting” for a playoff spot while Hernandez could just chill on the mound every 5th day? If Hernandez was just half-assing it every start, imagine what could happen if he actually tried to succeed.

Another reward for taking a baseball to the chin

If you remember, about a month and a half ago I was assaulted by a batting practice home run ball to the chin. While I was not able to keep the ball, I was given another by one of my supervisors. After telling a small nation of people of my experience, I received many suggestions that I should attempt to get the ball signed. I was a bit skeptical at first, but finally agreed to give it a shot (as I heard several times, “The worst they could say is no”). Well, look at what I have here.

You shouldn’t need any Pat Neshek detective skills to figure out who signed this ball.

Also, I received what may be the most awesome Twins poster I have ever seen. Unfortunately, it is rather long and thin, so I’ll post a picture of it once I figure out how to take a picture of the entire thing and have everything in focus.

Guess who will be at Game 1?

Finally, I am extremely lucky. Normally, I would not attempt to work a weekday game while at Gustavus unless there were special circumstances. I made it to the home opener despite being on a Tuesday, but I also had to skip 2 or 3 classes just to make it. Well, this time I won’t have that problem. Tuesday and Wednesday is the Nobel Conference, meaning that many speakers from around the world are coming to speak about a certain topic (if you care, this year it’s “Making Food Good”). More importantly, nearly all classes are cancelled over Nobel, which means I have no conflicts! I fully expect to be in Section 238 for Game 1 against the Yankees. Now if only I can survive the trek across Highway 169…


3 Responses to “Notepad Scribbles, 10/4/10”

  1. Topper Anton Says:

    Dude what happened to Highway 169???

    • Andrew Says:

      We had a lot of rainfall about 1 1/2 weeks ago or so, and it caused the Minnesota River to flood. If you know/remember, the river runs right next to Highway 169, so that was flooded as well. This picture was taken about 3 miles north of St. Peter, though we’ve already been using a detour for the past week.

  2. What To Say? « Off The Mark Says:

    […] Finally, this signing not only keeps these things relevant (speaking of which, I need to find mine again), but it also means that I may be forced to stand on the target range again. Plus, the chances of watching or even nabbing #600 from Thome will be worth it, even more than receiving this and that. […]

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