How Does Target Field Measure Home Runs?

Hat tip to Kyle Schmidt, who forwarded me this tweet from Jason DeRusha of WCCO-TV.

How do the @MinnesotaTwins measure home runs at Target Field? Good Question at 10 (It happens right here:

I’ll definitely try to catch Good Question at 10 pm to hear how they do it. I’m certainly biased, and I probably will remain biased towards HitTracker, but at least I can find out how Target Field measures their home runs. I’ll post what I learned later tonight.


4 Responses to “How Does Target Field Measure Home Runs?”

  1. Jason DeRusha Says:

    I just got off the phone with Hit Tracker, actually.

  2. Maija Says:

    I thought they measure home runs with the giant measure tape they show on the jumbotron?

  3. Update: How Does Target Field Measure Home Runs? « Off The Mark Says:

    […] my amazement, Jason DeRusha actually left me a comment telling me that he had recently contacted HitTracker (I went to Twitter and found out it was indeed […]

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