Umpiring Coincidence?

Unfortunately, I did not get to watch Sunday’s game against the Texas Rangers since I was busy moving back into college. However, I did hear about the end of the game. Here’s where I watched the play. As I looked at the Twins’ good fortune by this unusual call, my ears perked up when I heard one name. Amazingly, it was the name of the umpire, Alfonso Marquez.

Take a look at this play, a rather infamous play from earlier this season. Can you guess who was at 3rd base for that call? Same guy, Alfonso Marquez.

Now, I am not suggesting that Sunday’s call was a makeup for Cuddyer’s non-tag against the Rays, considering Marquez’s call in the Rays game did not change the outcome. It’s just an interesting coincidence to see him make two very interesting calls while manning the same base in the same stadium in the same year.


One Response to “Umpiring Coincidence?”

  1. Patrick McDougle Says:

    There is a difference…He was wrong one time, and right the other time. :D

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