Dick Bremer’s Prediction Finally Comes True

If you’ve watched enough Twins games with the broadcasting team of Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven, you know that both of them are fond of making “calls” (predictions) of what the hitter currently batting will do. Roughly 99% of the time, Dick and Bert are wrong, but that was not the case today.

During the top of the 7th inning, Michael Cuddyer faced a 3-0 count against Seattle starter Luke French with nobody on base. I’ll paraphrase what Dick said:

Dick: You mind if I interject?

Bert: Sure, go ahead.

Dick: I’d like to make a call. I think Cuddyer will be green lighted here, and he’s going to put a run on the board.

The next pitch, Cuddyer deposited a high fastball into the left field seats. This was the first time I’ve ever watched a Twins game and see Dick or Bert correctly guess when a batter would hit a home run. Regardless, it’s still not as impressive as this call by Mike Blowers about Seattle (then) third baseman Matt Tuiasosopo made last season.


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