Break Time!

Hello, everybody. This is just a short post telling you all that I will be on a road trip to New Jersey with my family (seeing some of my extended family and stopping at various places along the way) and back for the next week and a half. I understand that it will be very difficult for all of you to not hear my sage words of wisdom over this time, so I recommend checking out the blogs I have in my blogroll down the right column on the main page. On my way back to Minnesota, we are planning on being in Chicago around the same time as the Twins, so hopefully once I return I will be able to write about my experience at U.S. Cellular Field. One thing I heard from several Sox fans when the Sox were in town… they apparently hate Cubs fans more than any other fans. Good thing to know if I start getting hassled.

Oh, and I guess I’ll say a few words about Matt Capps in roughly 30 seconds. Are you timing me? Go!

1. Replacing Jon Rauch with Capps as closer seems redundant.

2. Replacing Nick Blackburn with Capps certainly improves the bullpen overall, but with Blackburn acting as long reliever, his innings weren’t of much importance in the first place. The fact that Anthony Slama is temporarily the new long reliever doesn’t make much of a difference, either.

3. Shifting Jon Rauch to setup duties should lessen the workload on Matt Guerrier and Jesse Crain. This is probably the most critical part of this trade.

4. It seems like Wilson Ramos’ stock has fallen since the beginning of the year.

5. The Twins might have overreacted to Rauch’s recent struggles.

6. Capps is going to be expensive next year. I’m not sure if the Twins will retain all four of Capps, Guerrier, Crain, and Rauch for the 2011 season since all four could earn a contract of several million dollars per year.

7. The requests for Ramos to replace Drew Butera on the roster can finally end. However, the wishes for Jose Morales to replace Butera will live on.

8. I’m a bit disappointed to know that I will no longer hear Metallica’s “Wherever I May Roam” as the 9th inning starts, but Europe’s “The Final Countdown” is a nice consolation since it will help me think of GOB and Arrested Development more often.

9. This move shows the existing players on the roster that the Twins front office is serious about making a run to the playoffs, so perhaps this will encourage the rest of the team to continue (or perhaps in some cases – though hopefully I’m wrong – start) playing hard.

Wait, that wasn’t 30 seconds?


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