Contest Winner, Prophetic Quotes, Etc.

First, congratulations to Dan DiVincenzo for winning the First Ever Off The Mark Picture Contest. Here was his submission (click picture for full size).

For this submission, Dan will receive 2 tickets to a Twins game later this season. I have to say that he gets added props for putting the cop from the Phillies Taser incident into both the David Eckstein and Brendan Harris pictures. He told me he used the same program that I have on my computer, yet I have no clue how to do what he did as well as he did it. Maybe I need to ask for some photo manipulation lessons…although I feel that I’ve done a fine job by myself.

I was watching the Pork Chop incident once again when I randomly stopped the video 8 seconds in. What resulted was proof that the Yankee fan and the pork chop had love at first sight. Seriously, watch the video again.

Seriously, this picture is from a split second after Kim lifted up the pork chop for the first time. I was asked if this was love at first sight or love at first bite, and judging by the fact that the guy took several bites out of the pork chop, it was certainly both.

Before tonight’s game, I posted this on Facebook.

You may have seen Fister’s AL-leading 2.03 ERA through nearly 2 months of the season, but there was much more of a story behind this number. A .240 batting average on balls in play (league average near .300), only 2 home runs allowed in 62 innings pitched with a 3.1% home run per fly ball rate (league average near 10%), a 3.77 strikeout per 9 innings pitched rate (dangerously low for a pitcher to sustain success for an extended period of time), and a 3.26 FIP and 4.27 xFIP (both significantly higher than his ERA) were all warning signs that Doug Fister had been enjoying some good luck through his first 9 starts in 2010. Well, the Twins did exactly what I hoped. Here’s Fister’s line from tonight’s game:

7.2 IP, 8 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 0 BB, 6 K, 3 HR

Although the Twins didn’t draw any walks off Fister, he showed the strikeout touch that eluded him throughout his first 9 starts, and he made it into the 8th inning, he was still battered during tonight’s game, thanks to those three home runs. The Twins became the first team to score more than three runs off Fister in 2010, which seems rather amazing for a pitcher that I guarantee 90% of baseball fans didn’t know his name before this season. Some other points to note from tonight’s game were Michael Cuddyer making the start at second base and hitting his first road home run this season, Jason Kubel and Delmon Young showing more promise with their own home runs, J.J. Hardy batting #2 in the order, and a scoreless inning from Jesse Crain while protecting a 2 run 7th inning lead.

Finally, the Twins announced after the game that Alexi Casilla, despite making a pinch-running appearance for Jim Thome earlier, would be placed on the disabled list for his sore elbow. In his place, the Twins recalled Matt Tolbert from Triple-A Rochester. I know some people from Twitter are upset that Tolbert was brought up instead of someone like Luke Hughes or Danny Valencia, but this is likely a sign that Orlando Hudson will only be out for a couple days. Remember, Tolbert was in the majors earlier this season and he only tallied 4 plate appearances in 3 games. In other words, Tolbert will not be on the roster to start games. Although having Michael Cuddyer at second base maximizes the offense by having Delmon Young, Jim Thome, and Jason Kubel all in the lineup, it weakens the infield defense and presumably the outfield defense as well. I sure hope that Orlando Hudson’s wrist only keeps him out for an additional day or two. Besides, if Hudson does need to be placed on the disabled list, it just means that another player will be brought up from Rochester – a player that deserves to start games more than Matt Tolbert.


One Response to “Contest Winner, Prophetic Quotes, Etc.”

  1. Josh Says:

    I’ll say it again… is Orlando Hudson not the perfect Twin! Here’s hoping his injury doesn’t linger… he’s been huge at the top of the order.

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