Ron Gardenhire’s Over-Managing

This has nothing to do with Ron Mahay or Jon Rauch, although I do believe that cries for removing Mahay from the roster are far premature. No, this has to do with the other half of the 9th inning from today’s game. Delmon Young had just hit a ground-rule double to tie the game at 7, putting runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out. The newest Twins rookie sensation, Trevor Plouffe, was due to hit, but instead Jim Thome was the man that came out of the dugout. I’m sure Ron Gardenhire was looking to end the game right there, but there were two huge flaws in his plan, thanks to the little man that was due up after Thome.

Nick Punto was due to hit after Thome, and first base was current unoccupied, so of course Ken Macha and the Brewers intentionally walked Thome to get to Punto, who struck out on just three pitches. Gardenhire was probably thinking about the win, but he forgot to think of the possible counterattacks from the Brewers, which disappointingly was one of the most obvious that any opposing manager would have made. This is being typed while the game is still being played, so we won’t know yet if it cost the Twins a win or if it delayed a victory, but regardless it was a mistake that a major league manager shouldn’t have made.


2 Responses to “Ron Gardenhire’s Over-Managing”

  1. haasertime Says:

    I feel like most managers would want their best possible player at the plate. Not putting your best player at the plate because of some crazy chess match would be Over-Managing. This is under-managing because he did the most obvious thing ever which almost every manager would do and has done forever.

  2. haasertime Says:

    (which is completely contradictory to his use of Mayhay to start the 9th)

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