First Ever Off The Mark Picture Contest

You know, I’ve had this picture for a few months now and didn’t quite get the response I was looking for from Facebook, so I’ve resurrected it for all of you. It is a 3-panel picture (think of the comics in the newspaper), but the middle panel is missing. It is your job to fill it in with whatever you want. A MS Paint doodle, a picture of Chester A. Arthur, Nick Punto’s body flying through the air, parallel to the ground, whatever. You can use whatever you want, but keep in mind that vulgarity will probably hurt you more than help.

Here are the rules.

1. As I just said, fill in the middle panel of the picture below. It does not have to be only one panel, either. As long as the pictures are cohesive, I will accept it.

2. When you are done, send an email with the picture to me (email listed in About Me page, found on the OTM main page).

3. I will judge the pictures myself, with perhaps some help from my girlfriend and roommate. I am looking for humor and/or cleverness.

4. The winner will win a prize that has not been determined yet. It may be a promotional item(s) from a Twins game (note: not a bobblehead), but to give you an idea of how good it could possibly be, we were given fishing lures after Saturday’s doubleheader. Maybe I’ll give away a pair of cheap* Twins tickets. Hell, I might even buy you a Juicy Lucy from the Town Ball Tavern.

* Who do you think I am, a Steinbrenner?

5. The last day I will accept entries is May 31st. That gives you a solid 3 weeks. The winner will be announced the week of the 31st.

6. I will only accept one entry per person. If you submit an entry, but then want to send in a different one, you may do so as long as you tell me which entry you want me to throw away.

7. You may also print out the picture, glue a magazine picture or drawing into the middle panel, use a camera to take a picture of your new piece of art, and then email it to me. Even if you printed the picture in black and white, I will still accept it.

Now that you know what to do, go wild. I will leave a link on the right column of the main page in case you want to revisit this post in the future. Our picture comes courtesy of pitcher Jose Valverde (click picture for full size version).


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