Role Reversal

When I first heard the Twins would not be putting a retractable roof on their new stadium, I had the same opinion as many people.

This was one of them.

This was the other.

So when the Twins announced that tonight’s game against the Baltimore Orioles was cancelled, I surprised myself by being rather low-key. Others…not so much. It got to the point that the Minnesota Twins’ Twitter account eventually spit out this statement.

Honestly, why are we so upset? The Twins gave us plenty of warning…the news was out 6 hours before game time. That’s a plus in my book. They have already announced when the game will be rescheduled, and that tonight’s tickets will be good for tomorrow night’s game. Another plus in my book. There’s also the fact that I’ll now be making over $150 tomorrow working two games, but that’s more a personal pro than a universal one.

I fully understand that it’s frustrating to have a baseball game canceled. However, can’t we agree that it would have been more frustrating to drive to Target Field, sit in a seat for half an hour or more, and then find out that the game was postponed? Or how about watching 2 innings, and then sitting through 2 hours of rain delays before learning the game would end right there? What about turning on FSNorth at 7 pm, only to find that they’re airing some fishing show rather than the Twins game? This is what would have made me angry.

Of course, it’s easy for me to say this when I have no obligation to tonight’s game, other than watching it on TV. Yet, I must say that for the first ever postponement at Target Field, the way everything played out should be considered a best-case scenario for fans.


One Response to “Role Reversal”

  1. Laura Says:

    Won’t be quite $150, unless you want to be there until after midnight. =P I sure don’t since I have to be back by 10:30 the next day. Haha. It’s still a wicked payoff.

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