Recap: Twins vs. Indians Game 3

This is what greeted me when I visited “1,000,000 MINNESOTA TWINS FANS!!!” tonight. First, a little history…

You all know or have an idea of Fanatic Jack and his negativity. Well, Firstname Lastname* here was the polar opposite. Any time someone at “1,000,000 MTF!!!” had a complaint, Firstname would pop up and give his retort that we were being too hard on Nick Punto, Delmon Young, Gardy, etc. and would incessantly tell us to halt our complaints. Eventually, Firstname was banned because my fellow administrators were tired of his nonstop positivity.

* Borrowing Thrylos’ claimed first name and last name.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. After today’s excuse for a game by the Twins, many people were left with a bitter taste in their mouth. I’m sure Fanatic Jack was gloating over the Twins only getting 4 hits off Mitch Talbot and Co., I looked like an ass after saying the Twins would get the sweep on the podcast last night,* and many people on Twitter were displeased with this 8-1 loss.

* I was very disappointed when I saw the bottom 3 in the starting lineup was Brendan Harris, Drew Butera, and Alexi Casilla. 2009 Game 163 lineup, anyone?

But like Mr. Lastname up there, I feel that we should remain positive. The Twins are 11-5. I know this isn’t football, but many NFL teams would love that record. Why is it relevant to baseball? Because it’s a .687 winning percentage. Last year, the Yankees led all of baseball with a .636 winning percentage. The Twins won’t be this good all year (.687 would mean a 111-51 record) and they’re beating up on weak teams to start the season – yes, Boston and the Angels can be considered weak right now – but the fact that they have a very good record is a definite plus. They have been scoring runs in spite of their poor batting average with runners in scoring position.

With how close those doubles were to being foul balls, you have to feel that today was just a bad luck day for Scott Baker. Throw in being mystified by Mitch Talbot, and of course the Twins were going to have a bad game tonight. Hell, even Alex Burnett showed that he’s human. Despite all of this, I think the Twins will not just be fine…they’re still doing well. Just because you average 5 runs per game doesn’t mean they’ll score 5 runs every game. Nationally, the Twins are ranked 4th in MLB. This team is still very good. Hey there, best friend. Stay positive.


One Response to “Recap: Twins vs. Indians Game 3”

  1. Sam C Says:

    Well done Andrew, Well done

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