News That’s Fit To Print

Hello everybody. First, I will be on Fanatic Jack’s podcast tonight. It starts at 10:00 pm, and it sounds like I will be on sometime around 10:20. After a team effort on Twitter last night, it appears as though Jack may tone down his negativity for the future. Regardless, I feel that he provides a viewpoint – albeit extreme at times – that some of us may ignore, which helps keeps us grounded. I also believe that I’m the only guest, so I may be on there for the whole rest of the show. Second, I am happy to announce that I have a guest post coming up on, which means that I am now the Twins Most Valuable Blogger.

Roommate*: You do realize that they let various people do this every Friday, right?

Me: What do you mean?

Roommate*: It’s their Fan Friday. If you really are the Twins Most Valuable Blogger, then it’s only for one day. Besides, you’re not that valuable. You’re like Nick Punto…easily replaceable by someone of Matt Tolbert’s caliber.

Me: You’re joking, right?

Roommate*: No.

Me: … You’re a very, very bad man.

Roommate*: Meh. Like Delmon Young, I don’t care what you say to me.

* No roommates were actually quoted in the making of this post.


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