Recap: Twins vs. Red Sox, Game 3

Strikeouts: The San Francisco treat.

First of all, check out this website: Did The Twins Win? This will come in handy when you only care where the +1 goes into the standings at the end of the day.

Pick your story of the day. Francisco Liriano handily beat one of the best teams in the league, Nick Punto brought his batting average up to .269 with three hits, Michael Cuddyer had one of the biggest wind-aided home runs I’ve ever seen…overall, it was a good game for the Twins.

Francisco Liriano looked awfully good today. He had some struggles at the beginning of the game, but turned it on after the first few innings. He finished with 7 innings pitched, only 4 hits allowed, 2 walks, and 8 strikeouts. He started the 7th with only 80 pitches and probably could have pitched into the 8th with a quick inning, but 16 pitches and a 6-0 lead at the time was enough to keep him from going out once again. With his fastball routinely between 92-94 MPH and an incredible 9 groundball outs to 3 flyball outs, he’s still not throwing like he did before his Tommy John surgery, but he’s getting pretty close. If he can put up a few more good starts in a row, I think I’ll start believing that he has a good chance of becoming the ace of the staff by midseason.

How about Cuddyer’s home run? Completely unnecessary with the Twins already up 6-0 in the 7th, but still fun to watch, especially with seeing Jeremy Hermida drift all the way over to the left field foul pole before watching it land past his outstretched glove into the camera well. I timed the home run and found out it took about 6.77 seconds from when it left Cuddy’s bat to when it landed. Compare that to Gordon Beckham’s home run from 4 days ago off Nick Blackburn, which took only about 3.7 seconds to clear the fence, despite being hit to almost the exact same place in the ballpark (albeit a different stadium, though). There’s no single way to hit a home run.

Just a reminder, I will be working both the Saturday and Sunday games this weekend against the Royals. Finally, I know that today was Jackie Robinson Day and that every single player in MLB wore a #42 jersey to commemorate this day, but was it necessary to change their jersey numbers on the website as well?

There were enough comments on Twitter about how #42 just drove in #42 with a home run off of #42, and this only adds to the problem. You would think that this would be so much of a hassle that whoever does this job for would have decided that it wasn’t worth it. I guess I was wrong.


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