Recap: Twins vs. Red Sox, Game 2

Today was the first Twins loss at Target Field. Anyone collecting baseballs from this game?

First off, you may know that I’m a huge supporter of Jesse Crain. I’m willing to bet there will be many complaints about him allowing a 3-run double to Jeremy Hermida, preventing Cuddyer’s home run from being the tying run, but here’s my retorts.

1. Crain should not have been facing a lefthanded hitter in Hermida. Jose Mijares should have come in, but he’s losing the faith of Rick Anderson and Gardy.

2. Crain intentionally walked J.D. Drew, then retired Mike Cameron, and then allowed the double to Hermida. Perhaps if he avoids the intentional walk, then he avoids allowing a single run.

3. Related to 2, who knows if the Twins would have tied or taken the lead without Crain’s inning? We don’t know if Cuddyer would have still hit his home run.

One game after commenting on Jon Lester’s lack of control, Kevin Slowey decided that it was his turn to shoot out the star. 4 walks in 5 innings is very uncharacteristic of Slowey, and with his history we can likely assume that today was just an abberation.

I finally got to see Alex Burnett pitch, and good thing, because he’s no longer with the team. After the game, the Twins announced that they sent Burnett to Triple-A and purchased the contract of LHP Ron Mahay, with Joe Nathan likely being moved to the 60-day disabled list. As I said before, Mahay is likely insurance and depth for the Twins in lieu of Jose Mijares’ early struggles, but is three lefties in the bullpen really necessary? This does allow Burnett to pitch more often and Mahay is probably more useful to the Twins right now, but I feel that Burnett is a better pitcher than Mahay. Besides, now this picture is relevant again…

…and I’m pretty sure that Burnett left a good impression on the Twins with his two outings. I hope he makes it back up to the majors very soon.

I apologize for forgetting the link to the Facebook discussion thread today. I’ll try to get it up tomorrow, and instead of putting it in a post, I’ll have it in the upper right corner underneath the search bar. Rubber game tomorrow, with Francisco Liriano making the start.

Finally, there’s this really cool picture from the home opener of Target Field. You can zoom in to just about anywhere in the park and see everything in focus. In fact, I’m pretty sure I found myself there. Click on the link and take a look.

What, you say you can’t find me? Here, I’ll help you out a bit.

Not enough? Fine.

Oh, come on. You must see me now!

I’m near the guy in camoflauge. Still can’t see me?

Yep, that little blue cap is me. Just for fun, even if I circle myself, can you see me in the full picture?


4 Responses to “Recap: Twins vs. Red Sox, Game 2”

  1. Sam C Says:

    I have no problem with the walk to JD Drew or leaving Crain in to face Hermida. I feel if they pitched to Drew, he would have got a base hit and this way you set up that inning ending double play. I don’t trust Mijares at all with a one run lead any more. I think they need to send him down to the minors and work him back into shape. It’s a disappointment to see him come into camp yet again even fatter and it doesn’t help that he has catarax in both eyes either. Overall it was one of those frustrating games to watch, Slowey couldn’t pitch in the zone and the Twins couldn’t get a hit with RISP. I think a huge bright side was watching Neshek get 6 outs on 7 batters, which should have been two 1-2-3 innings if blue was consistent at all on his calls. If the Twns can pull off the W tomorrow I will ecstatic that they would have won the first three series against three very good teams.

    • Andrew Says:

      Yeah, losses will always come. Even the best teams lose 70 times in a season.

      I know that intentionally walking Drew sets up the double play, but Steven and I will also argue that putting more guys on base will increase the chance of scoring runs. I also agree that something needs to be done with Mijares. He’s a good pitcher, but only if he’s prepared, both mentally and physically. At least adding Mahay will allow the Twins to rely on Mijares less.

      • Sam C Says:

        I like my odds more against against Cameron and Hermida compared some one like Drew. Maybe I wouldn’t have intentionally walked Drew but instead I would have pitched him away and if Crain fell behind 2-0 then gone ahead and just walked him. I think you have to go with a gut feeling more than playing the odds in that situation, had they pitched to Drew and he got the base hit people would wonder why he didn’t walk him. I think you’re in a no win situation for the most part when you have runners at 2 and 3 with one out and one of the most dangerous hitters in the Red Sox line up due up

      • Andrew Says:

        Facing Cameron and Hermida was certainly better than facing Drew, but my comment about adding baserunners is more of a general thing. Of course, walking Nick Punto to get to Glen Perkins is an example of an exception.

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