Grand Opening

Minnesota’s new baseball cathedral will soon be open. Just for fun, I’m bringing back the picture I made after Carl Pavano’s first win as a Minnesota Twin.

For Twins employees, we’re having a bit of an anonymous competition (email to a single person) to see who can correctly guess three things: first Twin to get a hit and first player (any team) to hit a home run at Target Field, and Twin with the most total bases during the first homestand. Whoever gets all three right gets a prize! My three picks were Denard Span for first hit, Kevin Youkilis for first home run (hopefully it’s a solo shot at a non-critical time of the game), and Joe Mauer for most total bases. I’ll be working the game today, so I’m praying that it doesn’t get rained out (I’m skipping a class and a half, plus getting paid for 7-8 hours rather than 3.5 makes me hope the game is played) and I REALLY hope I’m stationed where I can see the game very well. The Twins are already 5-2…let’s keep our AL Central lead!


One Response to “Grand Opening”

  1. Laura Hay Says:

    I’m 2 for 3 so far on the “anonymous” competition. Just thought you needed to know that. =P

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