Two Things

Normally I’ll try to give actual recaps of games as much as possible, but this is definitely not the week where that is going to happen. Instead, I just want to point out one specific thing about yesterday’s game. I was a bit upset to see Scott Baker give up a home run to Jeff Mathis, of all people. However, after watching a few replays, I decided to give Mathis more credit than Baker.

A pitch on the outside corner, just above knee height is not typically the pitch that you see get driven over the center field fence. It’s more something that you see a righthanded batter ground out to shortstop, since he didn’t wait back and drive the ball. Mathis stayed back, and a split second hesitation was likely the difference between this go-ahead home run and a grounder to J.J. Hardy.

Also, you may have noticed that I removed my post about there being a possibility that no one will be allowed to leave and re-enter Target Field, even if they want to smoke. The reason was that I had a fellow usher that had originally told me this information, but was unable to have complete confidence that it had even a possibility of being true. Rather than keep the post up and then update all of you when I received more info, I decided to remove it entirely for now. It may be reposted, it might not be. It just depends on what I find out in the future.


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