Pranking The Prankster

My roommate is a jokester. He’ll hide behind doors and jump out at you. He’s made several “Did you hear _______ (usually Mauer) was traded?” comments. He’ll pretend that his fingers were stuck in the car door you just slammed. Basically, any day can be April Fool’s Day with him. So, when he texted me a particular message today, I couldn’t help but prank him back.

Brady: omg…morneau traded?

Me: you saw it too?

Brady: mk is this a reverse april fools joke? cuz i was joking and you best be too…

Hehehehehe. One of the few times I don’t mind this day.


2 Responses to “Pranking The Prankster”

  1. Timya Says:

    You wrote: Since I had always used a different entrance (the loading dock) to get into Target Field, it was a bit of a learning experience trying to get to the employee entrance by the light rail station, especially since I was coming from a parking garage I had never used before.
    HOW do you get to the loading dock entrance (and where do you park to make it the shortest walk?
    I’m working there tomorrow and all I know is it’s Twins Way at 394.
    HELP! Please respond.

  2. Brady S. Says:

    i feel so special to have a blog entry devoted to me! even tho it’s highlighting my falling for your reverse joke…

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