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What an experience.

Yeah, sure, it was the Gophers and the Louisiana Tech whatever their mascot is.* Ok, the Gophers were blown out. It might have mattered to the fans, but it sure didn’t matter to me. This game marked my first in uniform as an usher at Target Field, and although I didn’t see the whole game, it was definitely a game to remember. I first worked the aisle between Sections 118 and 119, and for the last 1/3 of the game I was politely turning away guests from the press elevator behind home plate.

* They’re the Bulldogs.

Since I had always used a different entrance (the loading dock) to get into Target Field, it was a bit of a learning experience trying to get to the employee entrance by the light rail station, especially since I was coming from a parking garage I had never used before. It’s about 5 blocks from the ballpark, and I accidentally took a wrong turn getting out of there. Fortunately, I only walked half a block before I realized my mistake, so I quickly turned around and only wasted about a minute.

I had been in Target Field for less than 10 minutes and I was being led by an intern to my report station when I ran into Dave St. Peter. He is definitely a nice guy, and I wish I could have had a more meaningful conversation with him than what actually happened in the elevator ride between levels -2 (yes, that’s a negative 2) and 0 (main concourse).

Me: Hi Dave, how you doing?

Dave: Good, how about yourself?

Me: I’m doing well. It’s nice to see you for once.

Dave: I’m glad to hear that. What’s your name?

Me: Andrew.

Dave: Nice to meet you, Andrew.

Me: So, what were you doing down here?

Dave: Just checking out the Gophers clubhouse.*

*elevator arrives at level 0*

Me: Well, it was nice talking to you, Dave. See you later.

Dave: Alright, bye.

* The Gophers were in the visitor’s clubhouse today; no one used the Twins clubhouse.

In hindsight, I thought that I should have congratulated him on the Mauer contract or call him Mr. St. Peter, but those clearly never happened. I also saw him later walking through the concourse, and I had a bit of a chuckle seeing him walk by and I’m sure I was the only one that knew who he was, because he certainly wasn’t stopped by anyone that walked past him. I also saw a very pregnant Marnie Gellnar walk about 20 feet in front of me with what I assumed to be a cameraman from FS North. The last local celebrity that I saw was Mike Max after the game ended, when he was leaving the press area.

Now to help you out. Since I do work for Guest Services, I had plenty of questions to answer today. For your convenience, I’ll try to remember the most important/interesting ones and I’ll also answer them in order to make your first Target Field experience as easy as possible. By far, the most popular question was…

1. How do you get upstairs?

For the Gophers game, only the escalators by the right field and left field foul poles and a few elevators were in usage. Normally,  all elevators will be working, though. If you want to know where all the exact locations are, I suggest reading my post on the Ballpark Orientation. Remember, although there are stairs in Target Field, you may only use them at the end of games to walk from the upper deck down to the main level. The reason is that the stairs lead you to the service level, which is so off-limits that I technically can’t even walk around down there. I would tell you what’s down there, but that may tempt you even more, so I’ll just give you a riddle instead.

Bill Smith sang about me here
I’m not a place that you should fear
In fact, I’m something to revere
Since you’ll rarely see me this year

Another common question I received was…

2. How do I get to the Champion’s Club?

If you don’t know already, the Champion’s Club contains the two World Series trophies from 1987 and 1991. Unfortunately, the Champion’s Club is only accessible to season ticket holders, and even then, I believe your season tickets must explicitly state that you are allowed to enter. For the Gophers game, I was told the Champion’s Club was closed entirely.

3. What’s the distance down the left field line?

This question was purely because you cannot see the number on the outfield fence when standing behind Sections 118 and 119. The answer is 339 feet (I started guessing somewhere around 340 because I didn’t know the actual distance). In fact, here’s the dimensions for the entire park.

Left: 339 ft.
Left-center: 377 ft.
Deep left-center: 411 ft.
Center: 403 ft.
Right-center: 365 ft.
Right: 328 ft.

4. Where can I find the Murray’s steak sandwich?

5. Where can I find hot dogs?

The steak sandwich is located at the Mill City Grill, and the hot dogs can be found at the Taste of Twins Territory and Halsey’s Sausage Haus. For more food-related info, check out my post and another post from the Twins Ballpark website. Also, there are plenty of portable vendors located on the concourses that I’m sure will sell various items that aren’t listed in either post that I just linked (like hot beverages, the occasional beer-only vendor, etc.) and of course, there will be the vendors that walk through the sections selling your Cracker Jacks, malt cups, whatever.

6. What can I do if my husband’s walker breaks?

Dead serious, this was a legitimate question. If this ever comes up, you can go to Guest Services, which are located behind home plate on the main (100) level and near the right field foul pole on the terrace (200) level. They can provide a wheelchair and will provide accomodations if you need help returning to your car after the game.

7. Say that myself or someone I know is in a wheelchair? How can I get a wheelchair-accessible seat?

When ordering tickets, state that you need wheelchair-accessible seating. I think that you can only buy these tickets after the game is sold out, but every game is expected to sell out anyway. Don’t fret, there are plenty of handicap seats and they will only be available to those that actually need them.

8. How do I get to Hrbek’s?

It’s behind home plate on the main (100) concourse.

9. How do you get onto the Budweiser Roof Deck?

You need to buy a ticket. However, I’ve heard that it’s sold out for the entire season.

10. How do I get this radically awesome job with such a cool guy as yourself?

Alright, that’s not how the question was asked. It was from a senior citizen (as he identified himself) and he mentioned that he wanted a part-time job. From what I know, the Twins are no longer hiring for this season, and they probably won’t be accepting interest from potential employees until November. Plus, I believe you need to be recommended by a current staff member in order to be eligible to apply. I have one recommendation to hand out at the end of the season, and I already have my eyes on about 5 different people. I have no idea how this is going to work out…

11. Where are the bars?

The two that are open to anyone are Hrbek’s (again, behind home plate on the main concourse) and the Town Ball Tavern (by the left field foul pole on the terrace level). There is also a pub that I think is on the first base side of the terrace level, but I can’t guarantee its exact location or if it’s available to all guests.


12. Why can’t I use this elevator?

The elevator in question is the press elevator, located almost directly behind home plate. As the name suggests, it’s only available for the media, and even then most people with media passes were unable to use this elevator (it needed to scan a certain card in order to be used, which many people did not have). I instead directed the guests to another elevator between Guest Services and First Aid that was near home plate. Refer to this again if you want to see where this elevator behind home plate is located.

These are all the questions that I can remember at 1-2 in the morning. If you have any more that I did not cover, feel free to leave them in the comments section and I’ll attempt to answer them as soon as possible.


6 Responses to “Open For Business”

  1. Josh Says:

    At first I thought the question said… “What is my husband’s water breaks?” Hahaha.

    I can’t wait to explore next Saturday!

  2. Laura Hay Says:

    Twins Pub is around home plate on the terrace level. =)

    How do you know we only get one recommendation? Henke sent a whole email to a bunch of people…

    • Andrew Says:

      I thought Craig said he was only allowed one. Perhaps I’m wrong. Regardless, I didn’t know this guy that talked to me, and I doubted that I would ever see him again.

      • Laura Hay Says:

        Who knows. What Henke says and what is actually true may be far apart. =P Regardless, we have the job and it doesn’t matter. =D

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