Notepad Scribbles, 3/25/10

The Twins released their newest commercial recently. You can watch it here, but only after you suffer through the Filet-o-Fish song first. The video is titled “Target Field offers a new home field advantage.”

Tonight, I have my final training session as an usher before I am set free into the deep blue sea of helping guests in need. I certainly don’t feel like I’m ready, despite 15 hours of training, but I guess one of the best ways to learn something is to just do it. I just hope that the mistakes that I’m bound to make will be learning experiences for my future interactions with guests, rather than learning experiences that accompany my efforts to find a new job. “I swear he was having a heart attack!”*

* To be honest, I might be fired just for giving CPR to a person that did need it because of legal issues that I’m not first aid trained. Well, I used to be…but that was when I was 15 and still in Boy Scouts. That card has likely expired by now.

Just like Jarrod Washburn signing with the Twins, this week’s “Rumor That Just Won’t Die” is Francisco Liriano becoming the new closer to replace Joe Nathan. He certainly has looked very good this spring, but I personally feel that he will be worth more to the Twins as a starting pitcher rather than a closer. It’s not just comparing his worth, but also throwing in the potential new 5th starting pitcher. I feel that Duensing/Perkins/Washburn (*shudder*) starting and Liriano closing won’t be worth as much as Liriano starting and Rauch/Guerrier/Neshek/whoever calls shotgun first to the Twins. This is something I may choose to expand on sometime in the future.

Even despite Nathan’s eventual surgery, the Twins, while rumored to be interested in San Diego closer Heath Bell, have not actually contacted the Padres about acquiring Bell. At least that’s what I read earlier this week. I’m looking through MLB Trade Rumors and can’t find the place where I read that, so I apologize if this ends up becoming false news. However, I mentioned earlier that I do not want the Twins to attempt to trade for Bell, as closers tend to be overvalued. Former Padres GM Kevin Towers mentioned that he would ask for Aaron Hicks, Ben Revere, or Angel Morales for Bell, and even then it sounds like that would just be to get talks started. Those are all top prospects in the minor leagues, so Bell probably isn’t attainable. However, if the price drops….then I say pursue aggressively! The Twins are also said to be interested in Toronto’s Jason Frasor, Scott Downs, and one other guy (sorry that I can’t remember), and although Toronto is also in a bit of a rebuilding stage, I feel that the asking price for one of these guys would be much less than it would be for Bell.

In some news that flew under the radar, the Twins re-signed LHP Ron Mahay to a minor league contract. It’s very possible that he’ll pitch his way into the Twins bullpen sometime this season, but I only see that happening if Gardy feels that the Twins need another lefthanded reliever and/or someone gets hurt. This probably won’t affect Anthony Slama, Alex Burnett, Rob Delaney, etc. too much since they all are righthanders, but you still have to wonder…Gardy does love his veterans…

Remember the math geek stuff I was doing before? Well, it’s almost time for the regular season, which means I can start applying my stats side even more! I’ve come to the realization that my stats could also be applied to pitchers to judge how valuable they are (come on, you have to love a pitcher that consistently strands baserunners at 1st!) but since covering all hitters in MLB is already going to be difficult, I’m only going to look at the pitchers for the Twins this season. Once the 2010 season is over, I’ll judge whether it’s more interesting to follow pitchers or hitters. By the way, I still have one more post to put up from my revisions that I actually completed over a month ago. That will show up sometime in the future.

Finally, and perhaps the best news I have to report, is that John, Nick, Parker, and Seth of TwinsCentric are holding another viewing party…in my hometown! That’s right, at Major’s in Blaine on April 10th, literally biking distance from my house! Now, I’m not going to bring anyone home with me after the game, but it’s nice to have the party held so close when I had to drive an hour to get to the last one in Apple Valley. Well, technically it’s even farther, since I have to come all the way from Gustavus (1 1/2 hours), but it will be worth it! Once again, as it draws near I’ll tell you all what apparel I will wear so I can be easily identified and we can skip the awkward phase of having you stare at my chest just to read my nametag. I hope to see many of you there!


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