Jim Souhan Hijacked My Blog


*surfs Internet, stumbles upon this*

*notices particular comment made by Assistant GM Rob Antony, gets idea*

*grabs phone, dials extension number*

Hey Pat, it’s Jim. I’m doing well, you? Good to hear. Say, I’ve got a question for you. I was on my computer and I noticed this Q&A done by this guy named Parker Hageman.

Well, *deep breath* he’s a blogger. Yeah, I know. Just hear me out.

You see, Parker is one of the guys that writes for TwinsCentric. You know, the 4 bloggers that are now writing on our website? Yeah, he’s one of them. You see, he interviewed Rob Antony of the Twins – the assistant GM – and I saw an interesting comment from him, and it made me think of you.

No, not like that. Thanks for the image, though. I’m talking about your last Turkey Day article. Yeah, that title was awfully clever. Anyway, do you remember what you said about Joe C.? No? You said you weren’t pleased with his use of OPS – you know what OPS is, right? No, it’s not Oops, Please Stop…it’s on base plus slugging percentage – anyway, you mentioned that you felt it was a make believe statistic.

You remember now? Ok, good. Well, you see, Rob Antony mentioned OPS in this Q&A with Parker, and well, he said this: “We’re big on OPS.” Yeah, that’s right. The Twins love that thing.

What’s that? Come on, Pat, it’s not that bad of a statistic. Mauer led the majors in that last year! You don’t care? Ok, fine. Just thought you’d be interested in hearing that. I’ll see you at lunch.

Come again? Yes, I’ve seen the Stupid Souhan things on Twitter. Thanks for reminding me. By the way, have you seen this comment from this Off The Mark guy?

You got it up now? Yeah, I have no idea how to say his last name. He really seemed to lose his cool in that post. Pretty funny stuff, huh? Damn bloggers. Anyway, nice talking to you. See ya.


Stupid Souhan…is that the best they can do?


One Response to “Jim Souhan Hijacked My Blog”

  1. TwinsFanc1981 Says:

    Can you believe the Twins like a make-believe statistic like OPS?!

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