The TwinsCentric Party

If you’re a fan of Rube Goldberg machines, you’ll love this. If you’re a fan of OK Go, you’ll love this even more. If you’re not a fan of OK Go, that’s just fine. I was so focused on the Rube Goldberg machine that the music quickly became white noise. Oh, and if you remember the machine that Adam and Jamie built from Mythbusters, this video beats that one, no doubt.

On to the party…

Well, it was tough enough just getting to Major’s in Apple Valley. No, I didn’t get lost. You see, I first was going to get my driver’s license renewed before I turn 21 in April, and before I left for Major’s. Well, that never happened, because it turned out that our local license bureau is closed on weekends…the one time I’m usually home from college. Guess who’s doing something boring during his spring break?

Then, one of my sisters chose to tag along for the day. She wasn’t necessarily interested in watching the game, she just wanted something to do. When we left the license bureau, we had roughly 45 minutes to get to Apple Valley. Perfect, since MapQuest said the trip should take that much time, I thought. Well, until lil’ sis finds out that she has a meeting with some classmates to work on a Spanish project at 1 pm. So, 15 minutes away from home, we turn around.

The detour we took ended up putting us about 25 minutes behind schedule, so I broke a few speed limits driving to the south metro. My driving only allowed us to miss the top of the 1st inning, which I found out meant that we really only missed a Denard Span single.

Honestly, I probably only watched about 1/2 or 2/3 of the game. My dad and I chatted with Seth Stohs and John Bonnes quite a bit,* and later in the game we had Nick Nelson stop by as well. I suppose that meant that we just needed to find Parker Hageman to complete the TwinsCentric cycle.

* John, what’s your wife’s name again? My dad couldn’t remember and he kept asking me, and I’m thinking “I’m not the one that was reminiscing about Philadelphia with her!”

Early in the game, Carl Pavano and J.A. Happ certainly looked strong. The hitters weren’t able to take advantage of the strong wind that was blowing out for the first 3-4 innings. Due to the lack of action in the game, it seemed like the entire party wasn’t even watching the game. It was sometime around now that we found out that my sister’s meeting was actually tomorrow. Ugh. Thus concludes today’s episode of Adventures in Texting Errors.

Sometime around Denard Span’s second at-bat, FSNorth showed a graphic announcing that the Twins and Span had agreed on a 5-year contract worth $16.5 million with a $9 million option for 2015. Like Nick Blackburn and Brendan Harris, this contract mainly covers his arbitration-eligible years, providing the Twins with some cost certainty. The timing of this isn’t exactly necessary, so I feel that this is another contract to show Joe Mauer that the Twins are serious about contending in the future by locking up important pieces of the roster.

I don’t know who was sitting behind me, but I do know that they gave Antonio Bastardo plenty of crap for his last name, and they gave him even more when he gave up all 4 Twins runs. Nick Blackburn appeared to have some control problems in his 2 innings of work (even when you exclude his 2 walks).

Jose Mijares gave up a three-run homer to Cody Ransom (ugh), but he shouldn’t face many righthanded batters during the season. I know he’s a candidate to be the new closer, but if he gets the promotion, then the loser of the Glen Perkins/Francisco Liriano/Brian Duensing fight for the 5th rotation spot would become the new LOOGY (lefthanded one-out guy). Liriano wouldn’t be a bad choice, and it’s too early to know how Duensing would do, but Perkins has to be the last option for anything.

Finally, there was Pat Neshek. Considering it was the first time that we’ve seen him pitch in a couple years, it was nice to see him pitch well. Knocking down Ross Gload was pretty fun to watch as well. Almost makes me forget that Neshek had 2 strikeouts during his inning.

Now for some random tidbits throughout the day.

  • I apologize to Karlee of OMG MN TWINS and Josh Johnson of Josh’s Thoughts for barely talking to them at Major’s. I think I acted like I didn’t know Josh when he introduced himself. However, Josh, excluding my girlfriend’s brother, you’re the only other Josh I know that has posted Twins-related stuff online, so yes, I did know who you were.
  • What a time for Matt Tolbert to have a terrible defensive game, huh? The wind was blowing out and I would forgive him for missing those popups, except everyone else didn’t seem to have any problems catching the ball. Speaking of which…
  • It was funny when Alexi Casilla cut in front of Tolbert to catch a ball to end the inning. My comment to my dad was, “Casilla and Tolbert are competing with each other for a roster spot. Casilla’s thinking that he’s showing range AND he can catch a popup.” Which reminds me…
  • Quote of the day went to my dad. While Jayson Werth was batting (with beard, long hair, and sunglasses), he said, “This is how I imagine Jesus would look during spring training.”
  • Nick Nelson stopped by to talk with us, but in midsentence he walked away. Don’t worry, no hard feelings, Nick.
  • If it appeared that I had tears in my eyes when Ben Francisco hit his solo home run, that was true. No, I don’t have some emotional connection to Francisco; rather, I tried to swallow my spicy chicken sandwich before chewing. That thing was HOT. Even worse was that I went about 5 bites without a refill on my Cherry Coke, which also explains why I attacked my chips so early in my meal.
  • What was with those glasses that Justin Morneau was wearing? It made him look cross-eyed.
  • That double by Wilson Ramos was pretty nice to watch. I know that I originally said at the beginning of the offseason that I wanted Drew Butera to be the backup to Joe Mauer, but Ramos is starting to turn me into a believer. If only the double came off someone with a little more star power than Antonio Bastardo.
  • Finally, I’m kind of jealous of the t-shirt Parker was wearing.


It’s all about getting lucky

Definitely beats my “Chicks dig the long ball” shirt.


5 Responses to “The TwinsCentric Party”

  1. Topper Says:

    Oh man, I have that Babip shirt in royal blue

  2. Twins Geek Says:


    Thanks for coming Andrew, and it was nice to meet your dad. We’ll see you next time.

  3. David Says:

    One of the coolest music videos I’ve ever seen.

  4. Nick N. Says:

    Nick Nelson stopped by to talk with us, but in midsentence he walked away. Don’t worry, no hard feelings, Nick.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to be rude! I was trying to get around to talk to everyone but in retrospect I was probably doing a lot of this.

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