Quasi-First Impressions

I didn’t get to stand or sit in the bleachers. I didn’t get to see the field. I didn’t walk in the concourses. I never saw Target Plaza. I didn’t take any pictures. In fact, I actually entered Target Field through the loading docks and spent the majority of my time in what appeared to be a conference room, sitting at a table next to my friend, Laura…

…and I still loved my visit to Target Field tonight.

First off, time to frustrate Michael Haas (haasertime) of Alright Hamilton! even more, after a little story time. I got to park in the employee parking lot, complete with telling the guard in the security booth my name and that I was there for usher training just so I could be allowed into the lot. I wasn’t completely sure on how long it would take me to get to the stadium, so I left Gustavus at around 3:40 pm.* It turns out that 3:40 pm was a bit early, since I ended up arriving  at around 5 pm (session started at 6 pm). I had to wait for my friend Laura to arrive, so luckily 93x had their commercial free blitz and my homework took me only 5 min.**

* Supposed to be 3:30 pm, but I have a habit of being late unless it’s something I’m REALLY excited for. You may ask, “But weren’t you excited for usher training?” Of course I was, it’s just that I already knew I was leaving preposterously early in order to get to Minneapolis by 6, and it usually takes about an hour and a half to get there, so I figured that leaving 10 minutes late wasn’t a big deal.

** I feel like I’m jabbering too much about worthless stuff that you probably don’t care about. Sorry.

Laura arrived about a half hour after me. As we walked together towards the loading docks, I noticed something on my left, very reminiscent of spring training. We were walking by the players’ parking lot.

Obviously, there weren’t any actual Twins players parked in that lot tonight. However, the thought of being THAT CLOSE was still pretty awesome, especially once the season starts. When we got inside the park via the loading docks, I was met by another security guard, in which I once again had to state my name and reason for being there. It definitely made me feel like I was important. We then had to walk a distance that felt like halfway around the stadium, although it allowed us to go past the doors of both team clubhouses and the Champions Club. Once again, very cool to see, even during the offseason.

I suppose the actual training session wasn’t that interesting to report here. I received a 5 min. lesson on what alcohol does to the body, I watched a few videos on scenarios of guests and employees to rate how intoxicated the guests were and if the employees reacted in appropriate manners, and I was given a 20 question multiple choice test on the entire thing at the end. I’m sure Laura might disagree (since she’s been through something similar before), but I found it useful. However, the real fun will come on Thursday night, because from 6 pm to 9 pm, I have my Ballpark Orientation…

…also known as a tour of Target Field.


2 Responses to “Quasi-First Impressions”

  1. Andy Says:


  2. haasertime Says:

    thats cool. I am awfully jealous. I wonder if you can park there even when you’re just going as a spectator.

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