Guess who gets to go to Target Field tonight? I have one of my training sessions for my usher job tonight from 6-9 pm. Unfortunately, I’m not expecting to get any good pictures tonight, since I’m engaging in “Alcohol Training” (whatever that is). That day should be Thursday night, when my stadium tour occurs. I’ve heard from friends that I will be allowed to take pictures, but I can’t “spread them all over the Internet.” Since I only get about 100-200 visitors a day after having a new post up, I’m not really concerned about “all over the Internet.” But if I have every Minnesota Twins blog in existence linking to here, then there may be a problem. So, although it may be disappointing, I don’t plan on putting up every single picture that I take on Thursday. Sorry, but it’s for integrity’s sake. Now if you excuse me, I have to go learn about beer.


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