Mauer Commercial for MLB ’10: The Show

Probably the most personality I’ve ever seen Joe Mauer display. How many takes do you think it took for them to complete this commercial? “Joe, we want some more feeling when you say ‘Dude, we went fishing in Cabo!'” Like most baseball players, he looks very odd without a baseball cap, catching helmet, or batting helmet. Women seriously find him hot? Don’t they know that this guy below is the hottest catcher on the Twins’ 40-man roster? Well…at least according to my girlfriend.

Hint: That’s not Wilson Ramos.


3 Responses to “Mauer Commercial for MLB ’10: The Show”

  1. Doctor_Teh Says:

    I’m definitely digging that ad. God, I hope Mauer sticks around.

  2. Larry Smith Jr. Says:

    For the second year in a row, MLB ’10 The Show not only dominates baseball gaming, but baseball game advertising. I love the commercial, almost as much as the Pedroia one from last year.

    • Andrew Says:

      The franchise started off really bad with their first game, but fortunately I gave it a second chance a few years later and The Show hasn’t disappointed since then.

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