Mauer To Public: “Stop (Expletive) Asking Me”


Apparently the stress of Joe Mauer’s possible contract extension is getting to him.

While talking to reporters about the upcoming season Wednesday, Mauer was asked by ESPN reporter Tim Kurkjian if he would be willing to disclose any information in response to the rumor that he had agreed to a 10 year contract extension with the Minnesota Twins. The rumor was originally announced by WCCO sports anchor Mark Rosen on Monday, but was quickly refuted once it was learned that Mauer, Twins general manager Bill Smith, and other sources denied the agreement being reached. As it turned out, Kurkjian’s question was the wrong question to ask.

In his response, Mauer glared in Kurkjian’s direction and launched immediately into a tirade against the constant clamoring to learn if and how long he would be spending his future in the Twins organization.

“Do you want to know? Do you really (expletive) want to know? I’ll tell you what’s (expletive) going on with my contract extension once all of you stop (expletive) asking me so we can get this damn thing done. Jesus Christ. As for all of you that keep making up rumors about this, just stop. This (expletive) is getting really (expletive) old really fast,” Mauer ranted.

“I understand that these are tough times, but there’s no need for him to react in the manner that he did,” said Kurkjian. “We’re just trying to do our jobs here. This is huge news, everyone in the country wants to know what’s going on.”

Once Mauer finished calling out the reporters, he flipped over the table he was sitting at before storming off. As he left the podium, he was overheard shouting, “This wouldn’t happen in (expletive) New York!”

The reporters at the news conference were visibly shaken after the ordeal, but appeared to be fine after a few minutes. Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune summed up the reason for the rapid recovery of his fellow reporters well by simply stating, “Now this is news.”


5 Responses to “Mauer To Public: “Stop (Expletive) Asking Me””

  1. Josh Says:

    I’d love to see a Mauer tantrum.

  2. Josh Says:

    I’ve told you the story of when I witnessed Joe Mauer lead the Soulja Boy “Superman dat hoe” dance at his brother’s wedding, right?

  3. Karlee Says:

    Baby Jesus would never say the F word. But if he did, that would make him sexually attractive then I’d just be like every other woman in the tri state area. Wanting on his silver slugger.

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