Tolleson Claimed By Athletics

According to MLB Trade Rumors, minor league infielder Steve Tolleson was claimed off waivers by the Oakland Athletics. I’m not surprised to see Tolleson leave, as the Twins had a surplus of middle infielders on the 40-man roster and no one else on the 40-man roster was really a candidate to be removed. With his loss, the Twins now have room to add Jim Thome to the roster. Also, as I mentioned in my TwinsFest post, it sounds like Thome will wear #25 as Alexi Casilla was telling people that he would be wearing #12 next season.

As for Joe Mauer, I recommend that we just sit back and let everything work itself out. As long as positive reports keep coming out from the Twins, we should have nothing to worry about. There’s been plenty of rumors being reported of when Mauer’s contract extension will be signed, but I suggest that unless it comes from the Twins or MLBTR, I wouldn’t take it very seriously.


2 Responses to “Tolleson Claimed By Athletics”

  1. Josh Says:

    Yet another demonstration of how weak our middle infield depth is in the minors. Yuck.

    • Andrew Says:

      $3 million for Orlando Hudson is not that much, but it sounds like the Twins don’t even want to pay him that. It saddens me to think that the Twins might lose out to the Nationals on a free agent, especially when the money really shouldn’t be an issue.

      I almost think the Twins want to get Mauer’s extension taken care of now before they make any more significant moves.

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