Updated Starting Pitching Wish List

A couple days ago, I put together a post of the starting pitchers that had been injured in 2008 or 2009 and could be considered by the Twins. Between that post and now, we have learned that Carl Pavano accepted the arbitration offer from the Twins, and Rich Harden is expected to sign a 1-year, $7.5 million contract with an $11.5 million option* with the Texas Rangers. With that said, here’s an update of my wish list:

* Edit: The single year is actually for $6.5 million with up to $3.5 million in incentives. The option is correct, however.

1. Erik Bedard (8.57)
2. Rich Harden (5.00) ————-> Texas Rangers
3. Ben Sheets (9.29)
4. Justin Duchscherer (8.57)
5. Carl Pavano (5.00) ————–> Minnesota Twins
6. Jarrod Washburn (6.43)

Interesting that the guys with the lowest Quick and Dirty ratings were the first to sign. Does this mean Washburn’s next? Or maybe it’s that they have 4 letters in their first names and 6 in their last, which means Erik Bedard must be next…

By the way, Ben Sheets reportedly is asking for a 1-year, $12 million contract (what he had in 2008). With the Rangers signing Harden, then this likely means that they won’t chase after Sheets like they did last offseason. Therefore, it looks like another team that’s willing to spend $7-12 million per year (I doubt anyone will give Sheets $12 million per year) will have to sign him, which most likely prices him out of the Twins’ range. Hey look, Erik Bedard and Justin Duchscherer are still available….


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