Bonser Designated For Assignment

…to make room for Carl Pavano on the 40-man roster, according to Kelsie Smith (on Twitter) of the Pioneer Press. This is disappointing to hear, because before Boof had surgery last spring, the Twins were planning on trying him out as a full-time reliever. He had a great curveball and threw in the low-90s as a starter, so the hope was that becoming a short reliever might make him more effective, especially if he could add a couple MPH to his fastball since he would no longer have to conserve energy to pitch 5-7 innings.

I really don’t know if another team will claim Bonser, he seems to be right on the line between being worth a gamble or too much of a risk. Also, I never explicitly stated this, but I was disappointed when the Twins completely filled their 40-man roster a couple weeks ago because it meant that any transactions would require the removal of someone from the list. The fact that the Boofalo*drew this short straw before Bobby Keppel really frustrates me, but my main reasons are that Boof likely won’t get a chance to try out as a reliever for the Twins now post-surgery, and Keppel (and Gardy’s use of him) just flat out annoys me.

* My term of endearment for Boof. It’s a combination of “Boof” and “buffalo” created when he was more buffalo-sized…circa 260 lbs.


2 Responses to “Bonser Designated For Assignment”

  1. Josh Says:

    I believe this move must have been strictly for money. I’m guessing the Twins didn’t envision Boof as an integral part of the bullpen coming off of surgery. That and the fact that he’s probably going to be roughly .5 million cheaper than Keppel. Regardless, Keppel is terrible and hopefully will be on the waiver wire come spring training.

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    […] really gotten a fair shot in the majors. I’ve said something along this line with Boof Bonser, Juan Morillo, and now Delaney. He was a dominant pitcher from 2007 to 2009 as he moved from […]

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