Just for my brother…

“‘Cause it turns out they were stopping every driver traveling down that particular sidewalk. That’s profiling. Profiling’s wrong.” – Ron White

Well actually, I suppose this is more of an “interview” than a “profile,” ’cause profiling’s wrong, ya know? Anyways, Topper Anton of Curve For A Strike has been kind enough to include me in his “Twins Bloggers: Get To Know ‘Em” segment this week. As promised, there is a rather interesting exchange with Brian Buscher included, and I also have a funny anecdote to share from my lone varsity baseball season. I recommend that you check it out. Plus, it gives you a chance to learn more about me that I have not shared in my About Me page on OTM.

In another note, I apologize for this post and the last one being rather short. I’m reaching the end of the fall semester at Gustavus and my professors have graciously assigned me 5 projects, all with presentations, and they’re all due either on the 10th or the 11th, in addition to my daily homework. I’ll try to keep posting when I can, but don’t be alarmed if I seem to have lost my chatty side. It’s just been redirected into multiple 5+ page essays.

Edit: I finished a significant portion of profiling — er — discussing several pitching options for the Twins today, so you can probably expect that post to come up sometime over the weekend.


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