Indians Sign Buscher

Yep, according to MLB Trade Rumors the Cleveland Indians signed Brian Buscher to a minor league contract. In the same post, we see that the Indians also signed another former Twin, Luis Rodriguez, to a minor league contract as well. I talked a bit about Buscher earlier this offseason, and I’m still a little disappointed to see him leave.* He definitely seems like a high OBP guy that could back up 1B (which the Twins sort of need) and 3B (a need as well, but Ron Gardenhire seems content to just throw a middle infielder at 3rd…though the Twins are rumored to be after Robb Quinlan), and I still have a feeling that his power will eventually show up. In the poll from that post, 1/3 of you did not want to see Buscher back with the Twins, which was second behind Philip Humber and ahead of R.A. Dickey.

* Edit: I had a rather priceless interaction with Brian Buscher after seeing a Twins/Marlins game in Spring Training that sort of adds to my reasons as to why I’ll miss seeing him with the Twins. The small talk will be mentioned on Friday on Topper Anton’s Curve For A Strike when my interview is posted.


5 Responses to “Indians Sign Buscher”

  1. Josh Says:

    Buscher was roster filler… nice OBP, but that was about it.

    Kelly Thesier posted something on the Twins site regarding the winter meetings, etc. and I was a little disappointed to read Bill Smith discussing pitching and 3rd base options… nothing about 2nd base which is arguably a more glaring need. I’m hoping he was just blowing smoke, but I’m sure they’ll fail us once more.

    Did you see the Phils are hot on Polanco for 2/10 or 2/12… that ain’t too bad and I wish the Twins would jump on that!

    • Bryz Says:

      Buscher wasn’t great defensively, but I do think he would be a nice backup and pinch-hitter.

      I’m really interested to see what the Twins do regarding 2B and 3B. They could sign a 2B and have Punto be the 3B until Valencia arrives, or sign a 3B to temporarily start until Valencia is called up and have Punto be the 2B (which his offense is more representative of your average 2B). I don’t think the Twins will use Valencia as trade bait.

  2. Topper Anton Says:

    I’m going to sad seeing L-Rod suit up for the Tribe. He was a Gardy “hustle player” that I actually didn’t mind! Those are two nice roster pick-ups for the Indians — should be adequate until their younger players are ready to take over.

    • Andrew Says:

      Rodriguez was a guy that I didn’t particularly like…probably because he was a Gardy “hustle player.” His good seasons were really only his rookie season with the Twins and his first season with the Padres (hmm, does he only hit well in debut seasons?). But his poor offensive seasons carried batting averages on balls in play significantly below the .300 average, so maybe he’s just been hit with a bunch of bad luck for 3 of his 5 seasons.

      He’s certainly adequate, but he only has a minor league deal so he’ll likely have to impress in ST to get onto the roster.

  3. Josh Says:

    I didn’t mind Luis too much… at least he put the ball in play.

    So cross one guy off the want list… Polanco to the Phils for 3/18 plus an option!?! How could a younger Sanchez get 2/12 with the Giants and Polanco gets to finish off his career with that fat contract? I am a bit perplexed in what the Phillies were thinking, not to mention the fact that he is transitioning to 3rd base! Philadelphia overpaid here. You might as well cross Orlando Hudson off, too as he’ll use this as a benchmark. All of a sudden, Cabrera is looking more likely… yikes. I bet you’ll be able to grab him for 2/9 in March. I suppose there’s always the trade market.

    I guess the thing that scares me a bit is that the Twins have zero infield depth in the minors. Plouffe will struggle to be league average. Singleton and Dinkelman are available via Rule V, so they obviously don’t view them as key pieces of the future. Punto is a stopgap and Casilla/Tolbert profile as utility guys. Valencia should get a solid shot at 3rd and Hardy will be here at least 2 years, but 2nd base is a black hole. If the Twins are smart they try to upgrade now and have Punto fill in at 3rd until Valencia is ready.

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