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I’m just curious about something. There were some complaints* in the comment section of Joe Posnanski’s latest post about some humorous takes on the Tiger Woods crash from a few days ago. You can read that if you like. Here’s a brief recap:

* Edit: I have been notified that those posts were actually originally trackbacks from other blogs. Because I linked to Poz’s post above, my blog also tracked back to his post in comment #27. These posts were deleted and just so happened that the majority of them were replaced by humorous takes on the Woods crash, apparently.

Woods crashes car at 2 am into a tree outside his house. Alcohol is not involved. Multiple reports from the media come out the next morning, but very few seem to confirm the same sequence of events. Eventually, we learn that his wife (who is a model) runs down to the car, and supposedly breaks a rear window with a golf club and pulls him out. For the past few days, Woods is approached by police but refuses to talk to them about the incident. Then, he finally talks, but rather on his website instead of to the police.

So, I would like your opinion on this after knowing that information above. By the way, check out the post below this as well, as it is part of a two part series on OTM.


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