A Team of 40

I was originally going to have my Derek Jeter post up sometime today but when I saw who was added to the Twins’ 40-man roster, I got giddy with excitement and decided to save that one for sometime this weekend.

Today, the Twins announced their changes to the 40-man roster in lieu of the upcoming Rule 5 draft. The players are, by position:

P Alex Burnett, Deolis Guerra, Rob Delaney, and Loek Van Mil (!)

3B Danny Valencia

SS Estarlin de los Santos

In addition, the Twins outrighted 3B Deibinson (D.J.) Romero to Triple-A Rochester, so he is no longer on the 40-man roster.

I’m very pleased about Delaney and Van Mil (come on, a 7’1″ pitcher with a high 90s fastball? How does it feel to be shorter than someone else, Jon Rauch?) being added. Valencia was a no-brainer, so I apologize if I don’t seem excited about his addition. Seth Stohs said that the one surprise was de los Santos, who is a 22 (23 in January) year old from the Dominican Republic. The Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook 2009 (buy Stohs’ 2010 edition when it’s available!) mentions how he had some injuries last year, but could be a solid middle infielder in the future. He’s still in the low minors, however.

In the future, I’ll probably add some pages to OTM that include Stohs’ scouting reports from his 2009 book, along with a complete Twins 40-man roster on the sidebar of this site’s main page. I would like to give scouting reports of the players now, but I have homework to tend to at the moment (“Homework on a Friday?” Yep). I’d prefer to have the names linked to the actual players’ mlb.com profile pages, but I will settle for just an image showing the names if I can’t figure it out.

Edit: I have the 40-man roster up on the right side of the main page. I’ll add the links when I have time. When spring training starts, I think I’ll expand it to include non-roster invitees, and once the season starts it will be trimmed to either just the 25-man roster, or continue to have the 40-man but with a symbol or something to designate who’s on the 25-man and who isn’t.

Personally, I see Valencia and Delaney definitely being called up to the big leagues at some point in 2010, with Van Mil and Burnett as maybes.


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