I’m a guest on Jack Steal’s podcast with Topper Anton and Seth Stohs tonight at 9 pm. I’m assuming I’ll be talking a bit about myself, OTM, and the Twins. Otherwise, I’m clueless as to what we’ll be talking about, but I just want to make sure that I can get more words than the last time I was a guest on an hour long show.*

* The main hosts were two very chatty girls for a talk radio program at Gustavus my freshman year. I probably said about 2 minutes worth of stuff the whole time I was there, none of which had any sort of useful content. I blame the girls though, because well, they were chatty, and one of them was rather loud and opinionated….I don’t communicate well with people like that unless I’m really annoyed.

That anecdote was longer than the reminder of the podcast. If I keep this up for tonight’s show, Jack might be wishing he had an extra hour. By the way, if you haven’t already, you should continue down to the next post and see what happens when I procrastinate on homework and start typing out my random thoughts on free agency.


7 Responses to “Reminder”

  1. Josh Says:

    Good work, Andrew. Wish we had a little money to throw around like the Mets!

    That rumor was sure interesting. I’m definitely a fan of Nolasco. They must feel his arb is going to get expensive through 2012. I like Dan Uggla but his defense is fairly brutal. His OBP and power would certainly be a welcome addition though.

    To get those guys, though, I’d imagine a package quite a bit besides Perkins and Casilla. Perhaps Delmon or another pitcher like Blackburn? Maybe Harris, Boof or a young bullpen arm? I can’t imagine them giving up Slowey. What about Perkins, Boof, Casilla, Revere and Ramos? Hmmm… I guess I’m really not sure Uggla’s the best fit.

    • Andrew Says:

      Thanks Josh. :-)

      Like I said (and I put in my new post) I think one of the young starting pitchers would be included. Thrylos mentioned that a couple of guys would be on the 25-man roster for the Twins, so I can’t tell if prospects will be included. I’ve been tempted to report this to MLBTR, but since he is an anonymous source, I don’t think it would be taken seriously.

      If Uggla is acquired, then unless someone else is brought in to play 3rd, it sounds like Punto will be there and it’s a given that he will also bat 2nd in the lineup…unless Gardy finally comes to his senses and moves Mauer up a spot.

  2. Josh Says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking as I was trying to fall asleep last night… Punto will bat 2nd if they acquire Uggla. Yuck.

    So let’s look at possible pieces:
    Baker – No way he fits. He’s arguably better than Nolasco and is expensive for the Marlins if they’re going to resign Josh Johnson.
    Slowey – If I’m the Marlins, I ask for him, but sure seems a lot to give up. Slowey is an ideal Twins pitcher and the Twins refuse.
    Blackburn – His arbitration should be cheaper than Slowey, he doesn’t have Nolasco’s upside, but would make sense for them.
    Perkins – He no longer fits with the Twins, but does he fit for the Marlins? He’s cheap and a decent 4/5th starter I suppose.
    Liriano – Only under control until 2012. He’s a worthy case to continue to improve. Are the Twins tired of him? I’d definitely try to net him if I’m Florida.
    Manship/Swarzak/Duensing – plenty of team control, young and cheap. They make complete sense. I’m calling Swarzak as he is a Florida boy and has perhaps the highest upside.

    Other parts:
    Casilla – As much as he’s an iffy player, he makes complete sense for the Marlins as an emergency replacement for Uggla if they’re unable to fill his shoes in FA.
    Young – The Marlins are looking for a corner outfielder and they’ve been linked before. I’d love it, but then the Twins are looking for a player in free agency.
    Bullpen – Boof is out of options. As is Neshek. Crain could be non-tendered. Perhaps they want a cheap closer and opt for Crain or Neshek?
    Minor leaguers – to make this work, they’ll want a top guy or two. Hicks has to be untouchable, but we have a logjam in the outfield. I could see them trading Revere or Morales. If they want an arm, perhaps Bromberg or Robertson. And Wilson Ramos is perhaps expendable if you sign Mauer longterm.

    Overall, my guess would be Perkins, Casilla, Swarzak, Morales and Bromberg. The jewel is Morales as a possible future all-star. Perkins and Swarzak immediately go into their rotation and Bromberg is future rotation stud.

  3. Josh Says:

    One thing to note about this, is that you do have a few years of control over Nolasco(to 2012) and Uggla(to 2011), but I’m not sure the Twins have the money to make this work.

    Uggla is going to be expensive and he’s basically Cuddyer… almost the same age, same OBP, Cuddyer trades a little average for a little less slugging. Neither are especially adept in the field. I guess this trade would have made a lot more sense if we hadn’t picked up Cuddy’s option. I suppose your ideal batting order would probably be:

    1. Span, 2. Mauer, 3. Cuddyer, 4. Morneau, 5. Uggla, 6. Kubel, 7. Hardy, 8. Young, 9. Punto

    I would think Nolasco would slot in behind Baker in the rotation. A threesome of Baker, Nolasco and Slowey could be dominant and if you can hold onto Blackburn, that would be awesome.

    I guess certainly something to think about if I’m the Twins, but it sure seems too convoluted to actually make work.

    • Andrew Says:

      That would be the ideal order, but knowing Gardy, I see:

      1. Span, 2. Punto, 3. Mauer, 4. Morneau, 5. Kubel, 6. Cuddyer 7. Uggla, 8. Hardy, 9. Young

      Unfortunately, your lineup is now LSLLLRRRR. Not very good for the late innings.

      If this does happen, then the Twins have a great fielder in Hardy and a poor one in Uggla up the middle. How will that work out in the long run?

  4. Josh Says:

    Yes… I did mean Angel Morales.

    Yeah the batting order above would be brutal. I just can’t see this trade happening. I’d actually be happier with them acquiring Nolasco for Perkins, Casilla, Swarzak and Bromberg and then picking up a second baseman like Polanco or Lopez in FA.

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