Notepad Scribbles, 11/17/09

I am very pleased to announce that I have been invited to join Jack Steal’s weekly podcast on Wednesday night with Topper Anton. In addition, Topper interviewed me for his Twins Bloggers “Get To Know ‘Em!” feature that he’s been running on his blog. As if I didn’t chatter enough already…

I find it very impressive and shocking to see that the #1 post on OTM is my previous one about the departure of Juan Morillo to Japan. It may have something to do with me linking to the NPB Tracker website, which automatically left my pingback as a comment.* Either that, or I just received a ton of free publicity and no one told me…or maybe Juan Morillo is a bigger deal than I previously thought.

* My stats portion of WordPress tells me that the plurality of my viewers on Sunday and Monday came from the NPB website, so I think it’s possible that many of my readers lately have been Japanese. Either that, or they’re very hardcore American baseball fans.

Edit: I also received a bunch of hits for the “Twins Consider Trading Morneau” post…due to the shock factor of the title, I’m sure. Once people read the Disclaimer (which had a ton of hits as well) they calmed down since they learned it wasn’t true.

I’ve decided to change my name on this blog to Andrew. Now, my friends do refer to me as Bryz, but I’m having other Twins bloggers refer to me as Andrew and I don’t feel like fighting the current. Plus, I was feeling that Bryz was a bit too informal.* On other blogs, I’ll still post as Bryz so I can remain unique in case another Andrew happens to wander along and post something, but this place will be an exception.

* I may or may not have been trying to be as cool as Thrylos as well.

The Twins unveiled their new uniforms for the 2010 season, along with some patches that will be worn on various jerseys during the season. I’m not a big fan of the throwback look, and I have to adjust to the new gray road uniforms, but I can deal with it. Also, at least from chatting with friends, I’m one of the few people that likes the sleeveless look. Lastly, I should have mentioned this last week but the Twins released their first commercial for the 2010 season, titled “Twins-portation.”

If anyone cares, I’ve almost finished my season on the video game MLB ’09 The Show. I was originally trying to catch up to the Detroit Tigers for 1st in the AL Central (hmm…just like in real life!) but suddenly lost 7 in a row and I was swiftly eliminated from the playoffs. Actually, ever since I removed Justin Morneau from the lineup (I try to follow the real life happenings) I went 5-14. Sure, it’s a video game, but I think that’s enough evidence that no team could seriously play well over a 162 game season when the last 3 hitters in the lineup are Jose Morales, Matt Tolbert, and Nick Punto. To be fair though, it wasn’t just the offense’s fault. My pitching staff did a great job of sucking as well,* and Mr. Joe Mauer started racking up passed balls and wild pitches faster than he got hits. This is sad to think about, but it’s been making me a little cranky lately.

* Last in ERA, hits allowed, HR allowed, and strikeouts. Scott Baker was 6-20 with an ERA around 6.50. Ron Mahay and Jon Rauch’s ERAs went up more than a full run after joining the Twins. Joe Nathan blew 7 saves, and this wasn’t even on the hardest difficulty.** What a staff.

** Normally I can play on the hardest difficulty and still win 120+ games in a season, but in MLB ’09 The Show, the difficulties became much harder. Oh, and the gameplay quality took a step backwards. Maybe that’s why I sucked so much, because the infielders stopped running hard after every grounder in the infield. Um…I wish I had considered fiddling with that option earlier than in the moment that I typed that previous sentence. *facepalm*

How does the new picture look? Only took me a couple minutes to find, a couple more to crop to a size that looked good, and several hours to find a color for the title so that it didn’t blend in with the background. I also looked at every single available theme from WordPress and decided that nothing looked better than what I currently have, even though it is the default theme. So get used to this, it’s likely going to be around for quite a while.

I’m not a fan of these Thursday night NFL games. For one, my brother didn’t know these started this past week and so he forgot to get his pool picks in on time. Fortunately though, our admin was very nice and accepted his late picks on Friday. I’m just a bit surprised that my brother didn’t bother to check the score of Thursday’s game before sending in his picks, because then he could have avoided picking Chicago to win after they had already lost. Second, when I was growing up, Thursday games were reserved for Thanksgiving and maybe Christmas week. Now they happen every week for the last half of the NFL season. Plus, if it’s the Vikings that have the Thursday game, then when Sunday comes around, it feels like another bye week. Bye weeks mess up my Sunday schedule. I don’t like bye weeks.


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